Monday, November 2, 2015

New Tires

Well Howdy!
This week started out golden!! Last Sunday we stopped by Anna's house, we found her on the subway a few months ago and she said she'd never join cause she believes we can have more than one prophet. We stopped by anyway and she was walking out the door with trash so she invited us in and we small talked for a few minutes and she showed us her incredible shoe collection from Aldo.,,seriously like 55 pairs it was impressive. Anyway we started talking religion and she kinda broke down and said she didn't know if her efforts as a single mom were enough. We showed her the video "you never know" and she seriously bawled through the whole thing cause obviously the spirit was telling her she should join our church haha. She thanked us profusely as we walked out and asked us to come back the next week. She made it clear she did not want to attend our services. BUT she texted us the next day: "Hello. I asked God last night why did he allow our paths to cross. I'm trying to understand it.  Is your objective as a missionary for your church to bring people to your church?  Because if its not, and it's more about teaching people about Jesus, perhaps we can get together when you have time to talk about God and Jesus. I'm steadfast in my beliefs mainly because it is what I was taught, but also my personal relationship with God. The things he's revealed to me.  I've heard him literally speak to me.   With this being said you are always welcome in my home to teach my daughter and I the word of God. You can read from your bible. I can read from mine.  ;-). Please send me that video I watched yesterday. I may stop by your church one day, but I will never stray away from what I was taught and what I believe to be true. I do have many questions about the bible and God, so maybe we can share knowledge and ideas. I'm totally down for that." It was like music from heaven! This was one of the coolest things of my mission to see her heart slowly change and now she is willing to give it a shot! I KNOW she is going to accept our message, and it might be sooner than we thought!

We had an exchange Tuesday, I was with Sister Jenkins who is a total riot and we just get each other. It rained so much but we just had a good old time in it! She is an angel and let me borrow her rain boots. We went to a dinner appointment and the lady fed us (straight up) 3 HUGE hamburger patties with a bunch of rice haha I felt like a boy eating that much meet but it was good! Haha. We had interviews with President. We made him and the assistants some "special brownies" so that was fun, right afterwards we exchanged with the ASL sisters. I was here with Sister Barker and  we had such a good time! She is going home when I do so it was good to relate about feelings and stuff. I went to the foot doctor! Guess what??!! WENDY THE WART IS GONE FOR GOOD. There was a bit of a callous but the podiatrist shaved it off and my foot feels sooo good! It's like I went to Les Schwab and got new tires and am lovin walking again!! #blessings Sister Lemmon had a bit of a rough exchange haha. She was with 2 new missionaries so she had to drive and their car overheated so Sister Barker and I ended up going to the mission office to exchange back. They are know without a car but I have my Lemmdog back so all is well!

For Halloween we had to be in at 6 and we were cleaning our house but realized we couldn't go take out the trash cause obviously someone would murder us so we opened our window and I chucked the trash bag as hard as I could and it made it into the dumpster! So that became a bit of a game...we also made some yummy fajitas but I'm not sure why I'm telling you all this cause no one cares.

The highlight of this week was Sunday, we had 8 investigators come to church, and the elders had quite a few as well! The gospel principals class was super full, and Peyton's baptism is next week! Sister Lemmon is singing a song and I am playing so it will be great we are super excited for it! We are also getting people to the temple this week so the work is going AMAZING. This area is on fire. I love the gospel so much and I am grateful for these past few weeks, I have learned so much about the Lord's plan for us but more importantly how much He loves and cares about all of His children.

Love y'all!
Sister Wadsworth

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