Friday, October 30, 2015

A Nice Cup of Tea

Sorry I didn't write a ton last Monday, we were getting our hair done! We had a ton of meetings this week, 2 Zone Training Meetings and of course exchanges but there were a few really cool things that happened:
We went to teach this cute lady who we are trying to take to the temple. We decided we needed to just go in and ask her about herself. Well little did we know she had quite the story! She married someone from Iran and moved there with him when she was still pretty young. I guess in that country the men sit around all day and the women do all the work-basically second-class citizens. She put up with it for quite a few years before she moved back to the states by herself. She got her master's degree and had a good career teaching special ed till she retired. What a lady!! I felt ridiculous telling my story: I have a perfect family and haven't really had a hitch in my life. Her faith was amazing to see shine as she talked to us. 
I was on an exchange with Sister Park and we went to see one of our investigators who is getting baptized. The elders taught her and set a baptismal date and then gave her to us to teach. We talked about her baptism and she told us how she wasn't ready to be baptized and how she felt pressured by the baptismal date. Well Sister Park is a convert of about 2 years and she explained how she felt the same way. She invited our investigator to pray and set her own date. It was a miracle because she seemed like she didn't really want to be baptized but when we asked her to set her own date she got really excited about it!! It was so cool that of all the days we teach her on we taught her when Sister Park was here. Church is true. Oh and ya know the old lady who always feeds us on Tuesday?? The one who is deaf and you have to yell the prayer? (And everything else) Well she always makes us herbal tea after dinner and she was pouring some into my teacup and she spilled it alllll over my dress haha it burned my leg it was the funniest thing of my life she didn't even really notice cause she can't hear anything...sooooo funny.
On Thursday and Friday we had Zone Training Meeting for Zones 2 & 3, Sister Lemmon and I were supposed to give a workshop for the second one but we COMPLETELY forgot so we were livin a little up in front of everyone but it turned out great! We did 2 trio exchanges and I went with Sister Lewis and Jahnel, I absolutely adore both of them! Sister Jahnel is from Paraguay and made us the most amazing empanadas I have ever had. And Sister Lewis just gets me so it was a great time. 
We helped one of our less-actives clean her house on Saturday, it was quite lovely haha. She was asleep on her bed the whole time so we did our thing. NY homes can be so awk, people sleep in what would be the living room back west and everything is just super open so there's no secrets! ....most of the time that's a bad thing haha.
I feel like Sunday is always the week's highlight, or maybe I should say delight, we had 6 people come to church, they are all progressing, and most of them are well on their way to baptism! It's so fun to work with our lil investigators, I love them all so much!! We also found some new investigators this week and set them up with baptismal dates so it's a pretty exciting time to be in Bensonhurst! Peyton is going to be baptized on the 8th and the whole ward is super excited, she is basically already a member! Ok this is too random but I hate the smell of weed. Someone in our building smokes it so sometimes when we get home at night it's like suffocating is its SO disgusting. I heart the Word of Wisdom FOR REAL. 
A scripture I have been lovin this week is in Proverbs 3:5-6: "Trust in the Lord with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding. In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." We all need direction wherever were at in life, and that direction comes as we obey the Lord and put Him first in our lives. I love the gospel so much! It brings life to life.
Thanks for everything, I love ya all!
Sister Wadsworth

New hur don't care
Life with Lemmon=HAPPINESS
Rudy. He for reals has a mullet. Cutest kid ever.
Our mission nurse Sister Peterson! So cute...and my compie <3
My girl Sister Van (:
This guy was legit dancing around the mall with a clock on his chest...
iPad probs...haha I love Sister Lemmon

All the girlies we exchanged with..and Elder Banta #whywedontaskelderstotakepictures 

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