Monday, June 22, 2015

Miracles are Raining Down!!

June 21, 2015
Hey Family!
Is the weather being weird there? Cause it's rained like every day here!! So it'll rain in the morning and then by afternoon it's blazing hot and we have raincoats and sweaters and all kinds of junk like umbrellas to carry around for the rest of the day. The sad thing is that we got caught in the rain one night but when we got home and looked in the mirror I looked about the same as I do everyday, it was just rainwater instead of sweat. Ok it's not that bad haha but it feels like it sometimes. This week has been so wonderful, I still can't get over this area and this is my 3rd transfer here! It is so easy to find people in walking areas! Anyone who cares about anything will have success here because there are SO MANY PEOPLE who are ready to hear our beautiful message. 

Monday was the best miracle of the week I think. We have been teaching Stephanie for about 6 months, ever since her sister got baptized, and she has wanted to be baptized all along! Everytime we would try to set a date with her she would be like:"yes I want to be baptized!" "Can we set a date?" "No!" Would be her response. SO FRUSTRATING. We were kind of at a loss, but we prayed about it (this was like 1 month ago) and decided to fast with her and then break the fast together and talk about a date. Well Satan knew so he put everything in our way and we were just barely able to meet with her this past Sunday. We brought Victoria, a recent convert, and she shared a beautiful testimony about fasting and said she would join in our fast the next day. So did Astria, so Steph has lots of support. We all started our fast Sunday night and then got together the next day to break it. We were all dying, especially Stephanie and her sister since it was their first time. We ordered some pizza but it took FOREVER (literally an eternity in our minds) to be delivered. While we were waiting I asked Steph if she had an answer. She was like "don't ask me till we eat" so I kinda started to lose faith. But after we ate Victoria bore her testimony again (bless her heart!!) and said "this was definitely worth fasting for." Victoria told how she set 3 dates before she got baptized and we were all kind of laughing and then I was like "so August 2nd??" And SHE SAID YES!!! We were all jumping up and down and screaming, it was so great!! If I could describe pure joy that was it. I love seeing people make that decision. One of the elder's investigators got baptized yesterday and she was smiling so big and she had so much support, it was such a beautiful thing to witness. I love baptisms. 

Tuesday we had a kind of funny lesson. We went to teach a woman who requested a bible and her 27-year-old son was there so we invited him to sit in. Turns out he was more interested than she seemed to be! Still trying to figure out if he's interested in the message or my drop-dead grunge look I have goin on, but it was a good lesson! He has been texting us in a very um...friendly way haha so we will see, we are bringing a young married couple with us on Tuesday so that'll be good. I am so stoked for this coming week! We are basically having members with us every day!! Usually we have to try and drag them out with us, but all these people CALLED us! And asked if they could spend the day. The Lord must have put a little bird in their ear that we can't do this work without them. I LOVE this ward. It's crazy and it feels like family. 

So, our companionship. Hah. We are super different and after we got over the honeymoon phase it became obvious that it would be kind of hard for us to get along given our different backgrounds and previous mission experience, etc. we've never really fought, but there have been, I guess, situations. I'm writing this because I feel like no one ever says this in their weekly emails and it makes everyone feel like everyone else has never had a hard companion or area. It's good to be positive, but not fake. SO ANYWAYS. We got asked to give a workshop on "comp unity" in Zone Training Mtg and the morning beforehand we had a bit of a tiff. Just a difference of opinion but the air was pretty heavy as we planned our workshop. The good news is that it happened before studies, so we had all of studies to think about how immature we were being and then we sang "Let the Holy Spirit guide" to begin comp study. (I wanted to sing "be thou humble" cause I thought it'd be humorous but I decided against it). Obvi the spirit wasn't going to guide when we were being prideful. We sang the song and honestly we were both feeling pretty gay about getting in a fight so after we studied together and planned our workshop (we were both still kind stand-offish) we talked about it, compromised a bit, and told each other things we liked about the other. SO FRUITY. But then we got back to planning the workshop and decided it was gay too cause we had planned it without the spirit so we started over. She suggested we have each companionship do a "trust fall" so obvi we had to practice. She was thinking the kind where you stand behind the person and catch them as they free fall. I'm thinking "Mean Girls" status, off a stage. So I got up on the table and did a free-fall for her to catch me. Well Wads, probably not your brightest moment, we did it the first 2 times and we never even fell, she just like, pushed me back to a standing position after I fell off the table. I was like "no, you have to wrap your arms around me and fall with me. You break my fall" so without further explanation I got back on the table and fell and she did what I said and we both went down. It would have been fine except she hit the couch...and then I hit her. I seriously thought she was paralyzed, like it wasn't funny. But then we both just died laughing, it knocked the wind right outta her. The workshop turned out good!! Haha. Dumb blonde over here guys, probs should have thought that through. In other news, I met an 11-year-old on the bus all dressed up, I asked what for and he was like "prom." Uhhh why are 11-year-olds going to prom??? What is the world coming to. 

Friday was ZTM but we had to leave early for some lessons. We had planned to teach a member's daughter and her boyfriend but as we walked to the house we met the member outside and decided to go to Wendy's with her since we hadn't eaten. (We had the member's visiting teacher with us.) so we went and I actually found this really cool lady in Wendy's to teach!! Haha but it turned out that the member really needed us (like, physically & spiritually) and it was really cool to come home at the end of the night and know that we were where God needed us that day. We also taught a lesson to a less-active on some thoughts that have been on my mind through the week. We shared the Mormon message "Mountains to Climb" based on a talk by Pres. Eyring. I have been thinking a lot about "endings" why do we sometimes always look forward to them? The end of school, the end of a job, the end of the day, why is it that we do this when our end goal is to be infinite and eternal? Like God, without beginning of days or end of years? I think endings are part of a great scheme to prevent us from enjoying life. We say "when this is over I'll be happy" but you never will be, because something else will always come up to stop you from being so...unless you change it. It's so important to find "beginnings" I find fresh starts in repentance & forgiveness, new days, the sacrament, service, and reading the word of God. I have been trying to enjoy these moments more fully instead of dwelling on "endings" and it has made all the difference! President Uchtdorf said "we are eternal beings, endings are not in our destiny." Look for new beginnings, and if you aren't happy in the situation you're in, make it so! Peace is not the absence of conflict, but the recognition that we have control over our own happiness, and God is there to help us be happy.

There has been a lot of emphasis placed on the Sabbath Day lately, we went to a leadership training on Saturday and it was brought up a lot. We also taught a really cool family, the dad is a member and the mom wants to be baptized, but they haven't made it to church in like, forever. We have tried everything. We call, text, go to pick them up, EVERYTHING. And it never works out. I have simply decided that our sabbath day observance is a microcosm of the way we worship every other day of our lives. If we are casual about our sabbath day observance there are probably bigger problems we are having. Casualness in spiritual matters never was happiness!! I know if we make it a day of respite, have prompt church attendance, and serve others on the Sabbath we will have greater peace in our lives and we will be happier the remainder of the week. If the Sabbath isn't a "delight" to you, make it so!! I know God lives and that Christ is at the center of this church. I know if we read the Book of Mormon we will come to know that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that this is the kingdom of God on the earth today, preparatory to the second coming of the Savior. I'm so grateful for living prophets who guide us with their words. I love Psalms 119:105: "Thy word is a lamp unto my feet, and a light unto my path." I have felt God's word fill me with peace and light though the good times and the bad, and I know through Him we can conquer all things. The Lord chastened us because He loves us! ...the church is true! 
Sister Wadsworth 

1. See above for description
2. Home Sweet Home, Brooklyn style
3. Astria!!
4. I can't read music in Chinese...

Monday, June 15, 2015

We needed to turn up in BK

June 15, 2015
We had so many miracles this week! We have so many people to teach we had to start scheduling them on P-day so we get everyone taught! We had a lesson on 10am Monday with a new investigator and she told us about how she wants to know what the truth is and is confused about all the different churches. The First Vision is such an applicable story to anyone because we all have questions we need answered and I know those answers come through prayer. After that lesson we headed to Brooklyn Bridge Park to play some football and Rugby since a lot of people were getting transferred. We left early cause we had a lesson for 5 with a dear sister, she got baptized but some things came up and she hasn't been able to be confirmed so we had (seriously) THE BEST discussion with her...we've missed seeing her and I am so thankful to the Lord for softening her heart and letting us come teach her again. She wants to come back to church and be taught again!! SO HAPPY. 

Tuesday was Transfer Meeting but we didn't go cause we are both staying! So we had a lot of lessons and found some new investigators which was awesome! So quick detour, I don't think I've ever talked about a typical "lesson" in Brooklyn. It's usually in the middle of the street, on a stoop, or in a 1000-degree living room with plastic-covered furniture (just when you think life can't get more sticky from the does). I think there is one main thing that makes it A LOT different: the distractions. If there isn't someone smoking weed it's a siren. If it's not a siren it's a little kid trying to download games on your iPad (which you obviously can't, so they get frustrated and try to throw it). It's cool cause at the first of my mission I would let these things distract me as we were talking to the person, but I noticed the other day that I don't notice them anymore. You can feel the stillness of the Spirit in a subway car, on the main drag in Brooklyn, or in a crazy Jamacian household of 14. Love it. 

We had a million lessons between Tuesday and Sunday night, the sad thing is that when I look back on the week the most memorable thing was that we were walking down the street by prospect park and there's two, brand-new pairs of shoes on the sidewalk. In NYC that means they're up for grabs. Happy Birthday to me, they were my size! Wow I'm a terrible missionary if that's all I remember. But on Sunday we went to deliver a bible to a lady and her and her roommate want us to keep teaching them!! We had such a great restoration never gets old, just better. We all have questions that need to be answered and just like James 1:5 says if we ask God he will answer us. I have felt a lot of answers come for me personally the past few weeks and it is cool when we take the time to experience what we are teaching our investigators. One of the things I had been praying for was that I could find ways to be more obedient cause we all know Sister Wadsworth does what Sister Wadsworth wants to do and she needs to do what God wants her to do. I read D&C 123:16-17: 
"You know, brethren, that a very large ship is benefited very much by a very small helm in the time of a storm, by being kept workways with the wind and the waves. Therefore, dearly beloved brethren, let us cheerfully do all things that lie in our power; and then may we stand still, with the utmost assurance, to see the salvation of God, and for his arm to be revealed." 
I loved that cause if you think about the ship the scripture is talking about it is "very large" but a small helm controls it! I felt like this was my answer: work on the small rules. "Now ye may suppose that this is foolishness in me; but behold I say unto you, that by small and simple things are great things brought to pass; and small means in many instances doth confound the wise." (Alma 37:6) I feel like if we are struggling to find the next step in our lives we can make our way to the Father by obeying the seemingly "small" commandments like keeping the Sabbath day holy or having daily prayer and scripture study. Small things make ALL the difference. 

Something cool I was also able to realize this week is the power we have in ourselves to change "how things are" by thinking, talking, (and even writing in your journal!) positively. I didn't think having negative thoughts mattered, cause they are just thoughts, but when you have focused, positive thinking you are able to control aspects of your life you didn't know you were in control of! Elder Holland: "I'm not a swearing man, but I come close when I hear people say "I can't change."" When we tell ourselves a situation is "the way it is" and we can't change it, we are limiting the possibility that it will change, and we are limiting ourselves from changing it. When we say we (or anyone else) can't change we are denying that Christ is real and this His atonement can have affect in our lives. I know He IS real and that we can all change who we are into the person we need to be BECAUSE of Him. I see this happen everyday and that is the miracle of the atonement. I love this gospel and I love missionary work. Thanks for your incredible support, I always feel uplifted after reading everyone's emails...ya'll are the best family in the world!!
Sister Wadsworth  

1. Service!! I <3 Sister Barnes.
2. Thought I would throw in some eye candy from Australia
3. Kylie: "are you going to marry a guy with yellow hair since you have yellow hair?" Haha she is the cutest girl ever. She also told me I'm not to have 7 kids...I can only have 5. Her two front teeth missing seriously kills me. 
4. I guess billboards aren't cool enough anymore so they have to do this in the sky. 

Monday, June 8, 2015

MidHOOD is Home

June 8, 2015
We had a sick last week of the transfer! Found 4 new investigators and got 3 people to the temple! Honestly we spent most of the week doing bible referrals (we got 6 one day) so just looking them up, we get new investigators from a lot of them so it's cool. We had an exchange which was good, sisters only get 1 a transfer and it's such a good opportunity to look at things with different eyes and see what you can do better. We taught a few lessons to Valerie, she is our most solid investie right now. Our other one, Debbie, is the coolest thing ever! Her family is all kind of against her joining and she has held firm and keeps making huge sacrifices to come to church! Last week she had worked 48 hours without sleep and instead of going home for a nap she came to 9am church straight from work! She almost fell asleep during the meeting and I had to take her shoes off for her because her feet were so swollen. She really inspires me to sacrifice more of myself for this great work. 

So we went to the temple Thursday and it went so well! The session was full (I've never seen that in Manhattan) and the lady we brought had such a good experience! I feel so blessed we get to go with people for the first time or when they are returning...I feel like it is always just what I need just at the right time. Friday we went to the Barclays Center for a "Eternal Families" finding activity. We held up signs "do you think families can be forever?" And had "yes" and "no" signs for people to put their sticker on to vote. We would yell the question at people as they passed. Most people smiled and said "yes!" But in my opinion far too many people shook their heads "no." One feller, after I asked the question, said "no" and I said "why not?" He said "I'm proof." My heart kinda dropped and it made me so sad! I am so grateful for such a lovely family and can't even imagine what it's like to have it all ripped apart. This gospel is all about uniting families to return home to Heavenly Father. Which leads into our Saturday! We got volunteered to volunteer at the "Global Family Reunion" in Flushing Meadows Park as part of the World Fair. It was put on by some random book author but FamilySearch was there and so was our whole mission to volunteer! They pre-sold 2,500 tickets so it was pretty big. Dr. Oz, George H.W. Bush, and lots of other famous people were there. I got to sell t-shirts with about 8 other missionaries. It was so fun!! We also got to talk to a lot of people on the train on the way there and back, I met one guy on the way there that was actually going the event, and he said we could bring him and his wife a Book of Mormon! He was so cool and was actually normal! It's hard to come across those kinda people sometimes, no offense haha. We were talking to a Jewish man who has been investigating for about a year now and he said "most people in Brooklyn are spiritually challenged...they all look kinda dead!" He is a miracle in himself. He lives in our neighborhood but sneaks out to come to church and none of his Jewish friends know and it's been a year!...I want to make a movie out of his life. After church we had a discussion on the front steps with him and he bore us his testimony about how this is the true church. Do you know how weird it is to have a Jew tell you that if you'll live your religion you'll always be happy? This really is the true church and hearing a non-member say that seriously just hits home everytime. I mean, I know it's true, but I guess it's the difference of NOT a having the gospel, and then HAVING it that makes those testimonies so powerful. 

Ah man, so many other things happened! We met with a Indian girl who was sooo cool! While we were waiting for her at the church an older lady from the Spanish branch came and basically had a heart attack so she sat through the lesson and even bore her testimony!! And then we walked her home. We also had dinner at a member's house, the dad is the guy who invented all the cool stuff on Excel and the mom is pregnant and in med school so I felt kinda dumb in their house haha but they were so nice! I love doing family mission plans with people, from PMG (and I quote): “It will be a great day,” taught President Gordon B. Hinckley, “when our people not only pray for the missionaries throughout the world, but ask the Lord to help them to assist the missionaries who are laboring in their own ward”. I hope I can be that rockin member missionary who brings my friends to the missionaries...I guess I'll have to get some non-member friends first haha. 

Something cool from studies was from the July 1973 conference (yay for iPads, it's not like I'd have a copy of that laying around in the pad) by President Kimball he said a few good things I thought ya'll might enjoy:
If your knees are knocking, kneel on them.”
Again, the revelation says, “If ye are prepared ye shall not fear.”
That preparation comes from infancy and childhood training, when faith is born and character established. It is a bit late to try to build faith when the ship is sinking or the plane is falling or the head-on collision is certain. One air navigator gave us this: “I had said my prayer back in the fifteenth orbit”; and another: “Courage is said to be fear that has said its prayers.”
"what a world it would be if a million families in this church were to be on their knees like this every night and morning!" 
From "The Family Influence"

I love the prophets so much and am so grateful for a living prophet today. I'm also grateful for a church that doesn't compel anyone buts asks each person to discover for themselves if it is true. I know it's true because of the thoughts and feelings of peace I have had as I research and learn on my own. I'm convinced that if we don't spend personal time in the scriptures we will never gain a complete witness that this church is true. It comes through reading and person revelation. It also isn't something we can do once and then never again. It takes constant effort "heaven is not attained, it is practiced." 
Love you all!
Sister Wadsworth

1. Grand Army Plaza on our way to service!
2. The temple with Jennifer and Michelle (: 
3. Bout sums up mah life

4. Blonde hair don't care...the humidity was terrible haha.

Wednesday, June 3, 2015

If my feet were tires they'd be flat

June 2, 2015
Wow what a great week..! I am about to drop dead but we have seen some great things happen, actually lets be honest, they were miracles! Of course Satan tried pretty hard but he just can't win!! Haha. 

Well I guess I'll start from last Monday. We didn't have Pday because of Memorial Day so we spent the whole day setting up and running the ward BBQ. It was a HUGE success and a lot of the new investigators we found showed up! We were on our feet all day and after the BBQ we had to walk like 2 miles to an appointment. I was ready to throw my shoes away and go barefoot haha but we had a great lesson with a new lady so it was worth it. I don't remember if I told you about her, but she lives in an all-Jewish neighborhood so whenever we walk over there we get some strange looks. It'd be like some Amish people with their buggy coasting down Maine Street back home haha I see why they look at us weird. She's super cool! It was a great lesson. Every time I said "Jesus Christ" I made sure to say it a little louder just to tick off the Jews. Haha jk but when I get ready in the morning I have a mo tab cd "This is the Christ" and whenever that song comes on I open the windows and turn it up because we live in an all-Jewish neighborhood as well. Sorry not sorry! I don't see how people can believe in God and not Jesus Christ. They are one and the same in their purpose and in their love for us. They want us back to live with them forever. 

Tuesday we had regular district meeting and we deep cleaned our pad...exciting stuff! Although, I did find this super cute dress with butterflies on it so I wore it the next day and it was super windy so I was holding it down the whole time. We were joking that the butterflies were trying to fly away haha I wish it was just a joke but the struggle was real. We had a lesson with a new investigator we found, it was a really good lesson. One of the struggles with being a missionary is that we have a lesson and I come out thinking "man the spirit was so strong!" But you never know if the investigator felt it like you did haha I trust God makes up all the differences in this work cause we are way to inadequate to convert anyone or teach well enough or anything. Wednesday was our P-day so we went to the Mets game in Flushing and it was super fun! It was crazy going all the way there and back but it was some quality fearlessing time on the train and I met some way cool people. New York has so much to offer if you'll just talk to people and get to know their stories. 

Friday we had some wonderful lessons but two of the things I remember from that day were 1. We were teaching a family and I told them I grew up on a farm and their 9-year-old boy says "the weird thing is you grew up on a farm but you still know how to use technology." I seriously died it was so funny. 2. We were waiting for a bus and this lady tapped me on the shoulder so I turned around and there is a guy in the second story of a building calling at me. I was like "WUT DO YOU WANT BRO?" And he just looks at me and says "I love you." I just turned around and started walking. My comp was like "wait but the bus..." And I was like I DONT CARE GET ME OUT OF THIS ZOO. So we walked a few blocks and there was this vendor with all these purses. Obviously my purse is falling apart and I have wanted to try "bargaining" for a while now so I figured it was a go. I asked how much the purse I wanted was and he was like $40 I was like oh sorry I only have $20 and started walking away....he started bagging up my purse and I handed him the money and left! Haha! Next time I'm gonna get one for $10 lol. I LOVE NYC. 

Saturday was like heat stroke to the max haha we went to do a service project at 8 and we painted over graffiti and picked up trash for like 4 hours and then walked a few miles to a lesson with one of our ladies with a bap date, it was such a good lesson! You know when sometimes you have that beautiful light-at-the-end-of-the-tunnel breakthrough? It's beautiful. Also I felt pretty cool when we got the bus driver to drive us back to the service site when we didn't have our metro cards. Yaaas. I always saw people do that but never thought I could do it haha. We spent the rest of the day doing bible referrals but probably ended up walking like 10 miles. I've never come so close to crying because of exhaustion but it was such a good day! 

Sunday was awesome cause we got 5 of the recent converts/less-actives to get their temple recommend interviews! I was so excited because we have been working with these people since I got here and they finally are going to the temple this week! We had a lot of our investigators come to church too! We had a bunch of lessons after church which was awesome because we were able to get members to teach with us. I love the testimonies that members add to lessons. We also had a flash flood! That was interesting haha. We did an FHE for a family (2 of them are going to the temple this week) and it was so sweet! The mom is a convert of 20 years now and she has such a strong testimony! She had her baptismal program on her fridge and I thought it was so cool that she treasures being a member of the true church so much. I hope we don't ever take for granted how special our covenants are. 

This week I read the talk from this past conference "waiting for the prodigal" and read Luke 15. I love these verses: "I will arise and go to my father, and will say unto him, Father, I have sinned against heaven, and before thee, And am no more worthy to be called thy son: make me as one of thy hired servants. And he arose, and came to his father. But when he was yet a great way off, his father saw him, and had compassion, and ran, and fell on his neck, and kissed him." But when he was a great way off... How many of us decide to come back to our Father or to come to Him in the first place but are so inadequate? I love this illustration that rings true for all of us. When we are still so far from being perfect He comes to us and has compassion on us regardless of our weakness and past transgressions. I am so grateful for the atonement and for the power to change, to come back to Christ, and to start over, and for the fact that no matter how far gone we think we are, we are never beyond the reach of His divine love & everlasting grace. I know this is the true church and that Christ is at the head. I love this gospel and I love sharing it. So grateful for my wonderful family!!
Sister Wadsworth 

1&2: Mets Game! 
3. My good friend Liz from the Midwood Ward. 

Ebola-free and Lovin Life!

This is the best mission in the world! It was another AWESOME week here and even though the weather has been kinda cold people's hearts have really been warming up to the gospel! Oh yeah, our P-day got changed to Wednesday but I guess that's kind of obvious at this point. Also, I just read Brent's letter. Promise I will never complain about cockroaches again. Ever. 

On Monday we went to the Brooklyn Bridge Park again to play some rugby. It was cloudy and super nice outside. Not gonna lie I was pretty antsy to get our week started because we had found so many people last week and we had return appointments with all of them! Tuesday we set out to go see all of our golden investigators (we have 4 potentials all on the same street)..with a a car...we had confirmed all the lessons twice...what could go wrong? Well, none of them were home, except Israel, who turned out to be the pastor for his church and told us he wasn't interested. Good thing the member we brought is a less-active, we just taught her instead! Remember how God makes His own schedules? Well he worked some miracles in these two missionaries' lives...although we had specific names to fill all of our goals this week (which we did reach) NONE of them were with the people we had planned! We had lessons with completely different people!...but I'll get to that later. Tuesday was (in our minds) kind of a flop. Well on Wednesday we did service. All the people from our district and Coney Island go do service at Prospect Park on Wednesdays. I'm telling you, I was just itching to go on the street corner and proclaim the gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people, which is pretty do-able in Brooklyn. But as we were picking up trash I was talking to one of my favorite Sister Training Leaders of all time and I think she as having a bit of a rough day and after we were done she said talking had helped her a lot. It's sometimes difficult for me to swallow, but a lot of times the people who need our help most are the ones we are closest to. We always go to Wendy's after service and I knew that this was my chance to fearless someone! As we were walking out I passed a table with two middle-aged women. I got the "feeling" and knew I had to talk to them. I turned around and walked back to their table. "Hi I'm Sister Wadsworth (in my grungy paint-covered service clothes), a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, would you like to hear a message about Jesus Christ and His restored gospel???" I think I was talking really fast or something cause they just started laughing. Nope. They were members! You just NEVER meet members in NYC. But if you do, you think they look like  they need the gospel and you awkwardly fearless them. My inspiration game must be diminishing. 

It's okay because that afternoon we taught a referral from Pennsylvania and her and her two kids want to be baptized! They were asking GOLDEN questions, I was really impressed with them. I think we are on a every-other-day streak because we totally bombed Thursday. I mean, we had a lesson with a less-active but our whole night was spent on a bus which was stuck behind a garbage truck going the wrong way so we ended up in some sort of Brooklyn Chinatown and the people we were trying to look up didn't even live there. Sometimes Google Maps hates us. Well since Friday we were due (in a sense) for more miracles we tried our hardest to make them happen! We had so many lessons scheduled we had to find 2 members and go on splits! Well then half the lessons cancelled...but we were NOT about to let that get in the way because it's not every day you can get TWO members on the same night! So we set up more lessons and everything actually went so well! My comp went to teach a lady we had fearlessed last week and her and her husband liked the message and invited us back! My story was a bit more radical. So I'm with this super cool member and we have a lesson at the church. The lady comes walking up and she is like, quickly walking around the building looking at all the pictures, snooping in all the rooms. She was really hyper too. I'm bein honest I was slightly freaked out! But as we sat down to have a lesson it was evident that she really was searching for the truth. She has a Bachelors in Theology and had already read 1 & 2 Nephi and Jacob! She also watched the Joseph Smith Movie and the Emma Smith movie as well and read in its entirety! Well somebody get this woman a white jumpsuit! It was the weirdest baptismal challenge I'd ever extended because she has already been baptized into many different churches. After explaining that the priesthood authority has been restored on the earth I asked "will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper priesthood authority?" She jokingly was like "yeah, I'll just get my rubber ducky." Haha I was trying not to laugh during the whole lesson. So we got 3 new investigators in an hour and 1 with a baptismal date! Miracles to the max! The Lord always puts people there for us if the ones we planned fall through. 

Saturday was destined to be another off day because the wart (I named her Wendy...Wendy the Wart) came back on my foot so I had to go get it dug out again all the way in Forest Hills. So we were on the train for 1 1/2 hours there and then back again so about 4 hours by the time it was all said and done. I guess it was worse this time, and he said I have something on my chest that looks like skin cancer so I have to go back, but yeah...basically I can't walk at the moment so we spent the rest of Saturday making calls and watching the Restoration movie. That's okay! Cause on Sunday we had more miracles! We had 5 investigators at church!!! And we were able to teach a lot of lessons that day as well, and take members because most people don't work on Sundays. We had a particularly good lesson about the prophet. Everyday I realize more the importance of having a prophet on the earth. We are so lucky!  

This week I had a cool study about the first vision, I always likened it to the restoration but this time I was really looking at Joseph's prayer and the way in which he prayed and the circumstances that surrounded it. Oftentimes we feel like there is thick darkness surrounding us, whether it's a decision we need to make and can't find the answer, or a struggle we have and can't seem to overcome...I know there is always a pillar of light, even Jesus Christ, there, waiting to encircle us with light and truth and help us overcome the obstacles we face. When we feel these feelings of peace and joy we have a greater desire to share them with others. If you're wondering how to gain a greater desire to do missionary/family history work, PRAY. Prayer really does change our will to the Father's will...if we let it. I am so grateful for Christ who makes it possible for us to pray to the Father, and I know we are always heard and answered in His time. As we live worthy the "spirit teacheth (us) to pray" and we will know what to ask for. I know God lives and Christ is our Savior. This is HIS everlasting gospel and it is our duty as members to share it with all we can. I love this work with all my heart. 
Love you all!
Sister Wadsworth 

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The Gospel is Beautiful!

Wow just another week!.....haha NOT. This week was actually really different/better than most weeks! I have been thinking about how beautiful this gospel is and how I want everyone to have it, but I could use some work on doing everything in my power to share it. I always talk to people...if it's convenient, but I needed to work on getting out of my comfort zone and talking to EVERYONE. So I set some goals for myself and some plans to go along with it since I'm just tryna be the typical sister missionary, and they worked!! We seriously found 15 new people to teach this week! And they were all "hand-of-God", "tender mercies", "best 2 years" status miracles. So the play-by-play: 
Monday we fasted with an investigator about her baptismal date. I never realized it, but pretty much everything on p-day is food-related, so we chilled most of the day because we couldn't do any of our normal activities. We broke our fast together at 5 and it was such a good experience! 
Tuesday morning during studies is when I was reading in chapter 9 about finding and got this slap in the face that I needed to be better at talking to everyone. So we went to District Meeting and la da de and we had a bible referral like an hour away so we went out there and fearlessed people the whole way. When we got there she was totally prepared! We had a good little lesson and then as we were walking away I felt like we should cross the street and walk on the other side. We found this other lady who was super cool and scheduled a return appointment with her, and then she told us to go talk to her next door neighbor, so we did, and got an appointment with him, and then we got some more people's information on the bus ride home! Well you know that set me on fire, I think the Lord knew I needed a little success to boost my spiritual metabolism haha. 
Wednesday we had pretty much a repeat: went to see another bible referral and met a ton of people on the way there and back, as well as had a great lesson with the lady who wants her whole family to join the church. It cushioned the blow when we went to our investigator's (with a baptismal date) house and found out she doesn't live there nor had they ever heard of her. Nice. Well we didn't have time to cry over it cause we were finding too many other people who were ready!! Side note: I promised myself I would make this the last week of stories about getting hit on, (unless there were some really good ones) so here goes: Wednesday I got hit on by every single bus driver...I seriously can't handle it. I walk to the back of the bus just dying because like, wow, you look so attractive in your bus driver uniform, it's a pretty hard pass bro. Then we were walking down the street and this guy yelled out "are you JWs?" So we turned around and in my mind I was like "JWs aren't this good-looking who are you kidding?" Hah sorry I get so sassy. Anyway we invite him and his friend to church and I was like, what's your name? "Mega." Haha I almost couldn't hold it in till the corner I was dying. Who the? What the? Why the? Only in NY, or more specifically, in Brooklyn, will you find this kind of weird and crazy. On the way home we met an educated, normal, white person and got a return appointment. That never happens. Yaaaas.
Thursday we had all these great appointments, but they all got switched up. I don't wanna say they fell through necessarily because what actually happens is we schedule stuff and it's not who God wanted us to meet with so He does a little scheduling of His own and it all turns out! We had a lesson with a less-active family and fearlessed a million more people and did some bible drop offs. In case you haven't already caught on, we get like 5 bible referrals from every week. If you wanna keep your missionary friends busy, share on your Facebook or by giving out the little cards. GOL-DEN. 
Friday was great but it was the same drill so I won't go over it again. Saturday we went to Ellen's baptism and she is SO cute. I didn't know anyone there but I got asked to lead the music so I lead it and there was lots of awkward eye contact since it was a small group. My fake smile game is so strong these days. Haha jk it was such a beautiful baptism and the spirit was so strong. Love it. There was food afterwards, and at each of our 3 appointments afterwards which always happens on Saturdays so we were absolutely stuffed. 
Soooo member missionary work. About that...we brought a recent convert with us to teach an investigator and basically our investigator has like this arch-enemy who lives above her and flooded her apartment and won't pay for it. They hate each other. This neighbor happens to be the best friend of the girl we brought to teach with us. So uh background, I had had a very strong prompting that this was the right woman to bring with us. So we get in the lesson and they figure out they have this common acquaintance and I'm sitting here like "God, didn't you tell me to bring her? Of all the people, it had to be one who is friends with her enemy?" But the very distinct thought "it doesn't matter" came clearly into my head, and I remembered that the gospel is for everyone, whether they are friends or not. Before the discussion of the neighbor went any further I butted in and said "we have come today to teach you about the gospel of Jesus Christ and about repentance and forgiveness, I will say the prayer." And we proceeded to have one of the most powerful lessons about the atonement, forgiveness, faith, and repentance I think I have ever been in. The member testified boldly, and our investigator responded positively and even came to church the next day which is amazing, considering that had been a struggle previously. God knows what He's doing folks. 
Sunday was a blessed occasion, as always. Our investigators came to church, it was a nice day, and everything just went beautifully. Sometimes I feel like Sunday's are like a wedding, we spend so much time preparing people to come and we hold our breath until the moment the song starts because we want so badly for people to come and enjoy the spirit of the sacrament meeting. It always blesses those who attend. I am so personally grateful for the sacrament and for the atonement of our Savior and Older Brother Jesus Christ. Without Him there would be no hope nor healing in this life. 
Sunday evening we went to set family mission plan goals with a member of the bishopric and his family. The only reason I'm telling you about them is because I have never walked into a home and immediately felt the spirit so strongly as I did in that home, all the way until I walked out the door. I love seeing examples of saints such as these who give their all to building up the Lord's kingdom here on earth. I hope I can be like that someday. People like them remind me of you Mom and Pa, you guys are amazing and such great missionaries to everyone. 
Something I particularly enjoyed from studies this week was "The Music of the Gospel" from the last general conference. That is something I have been striving to do my whole mission, help people not just understand what the gospel is, but how to live it. Living the gospel brings joy beyond imagination, especially through the hard times. I am so grateful for a gospel that allows me to by myself, but better--who God wants me to be. I know turning our lives over to Him will help us understand the wonderful vision He has for us as His children. I am so grateful to be out here, because I feel like I have been able to see a tiny piece of what that plan is for all of us. I love this work!
Thank you all for helping me be out here by your support, I am so grateful for wonderful family and friends. 
Love you!
Sister Wadsworth

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2. I told you the fake smile game was strong
3. Jenn Blosil is kind of a big deal, look her up on iTunes 
4. When the humidity gets the best of hair, skin, and you smile anyways

"I'd have him call in a pizza..."

First of all, it was so great to talk to everyone!!! You are all awesome and I am so blessed to have the best family ever! Still can't get over how big Don is...
On Monday we went to the Brooklyn Bridge again except this time we invited like half the mission so there were a TON on missionaries there. Wish I cared haha the only one I wanted to see was my BFF Sister Cox. It was super hot...maybe summer is finally coming? We also brought a recent convert with us so that was a party as well. We did lookups and stuff all day Tuesday and Wednesday, we also did some weeding at prospect park. We told one of the volunteers about Mormon messages so if we go this week I'm gonna see if she's watched any of them. Those things are so cool and help so much with teaching. 
Thursday was the BEST. The assistants came and picked us up in Midwood and drove us to the mission home for Zone Conference. President and Sister Calderwood's son just got home from his mission in Russia and gave an excellent workshop on prayer, along with the assistants who talked about extending baptismal commits and listening. Every time we go to a training it's not some new big thing. I think sometimes we get in the mindset that when the next big thing comes out its gonna solve all our problems. Like, we have iPads, we can baptize everyone in 2 weeks!! Nope. We do the Lord's work but doing the small and simple things consistently. We had a break for lunch and President busted out the BBQ. Seriously the best burger of my entire life. President and Sister Calderwood then talked about some more tools we can use to do the Lord's work better. They challenged us to keep all of our lessons under 30 minutes, which is really hard, but as we have done it we have already seen the blessings. They are truly inspired and I'm gonna miss them so much when they leave in July. 
We had like 5 appointments on Friday but every time we got to each persons house we would wait FOREVER and then they would eventually call and cancel or not get back to us at all. At the end of the night we went with a member to this 98-year-old woman's house for dinner. She stuffed us so full I still don't know what to do with myself. We shared the message of the restoration with her and she actually come to church yesterday!!! 
Saturday was sooo packed. With lessons and with food. I don't know why this happens but no one will feed us for a month and then everyone wants to feed us on the same day. We went to Juniors (the cheesecake place) with an investigator in the morning and taught her, then went to a part-member family's house and they had us pick up pizza on the way. Then we went to teach the 11-year-old and her aunt made us this ground turkey and dumplings thing with like 4 cups of vegetables so at least it was nutritionally dense, and then we went to play soccer. Well, we watched with our investigators and less-actives we brought....the elders played though!
Sunday is always a spiritual experience. I remember in primary people would always say how church "recharged" them every week and I didn't get what they meant, but now I do! All the talks were about mothers, but they were more focused on how motherhood doesn't mean having a children. I personally know many women who have influenced me and aren't married with kids. I am so grateful for ALL the women in my life. We handed out roses to each woman on the congregation and there were some leftover so my comp wanted to take them home. I remember when I got flowers for prom and as they were dying on the countertop Brent and Don would tease me and say "they're dying, just like his love!" Haha I thought of that and told my comp I didn't want to take any home, I wanted to give them out as we walked home. We passed many different women, one sitting on the grass on the median of the road, a Muslim woman pushing a stroller, and an old lady by the bus stop. I gave them each a rose and wished them a happy Mother's Day. Seeing the smile light their face was much better than having the roses on my kitchen table. You never know which woman doesn't have kids to say that to her, or who isn't able to see them because they are in a different country. Giving is always so much better than receiving. 
I taught the youth in Sunday School. OH MY HECK. It was so funny. We were talking about prophets and I asked this kid Elijah what he would ask Moses if he was on the earth today. He was like "I'd have him call in a pizza" I was like DUDE you have problems but that was so funny right now I seriously can't handle it. 
Sunday afternoon we taught a girl who has had a baptismal date for 3 months but keeps putting it off because she wants her grandma there. We asked if we could fast with her that her grandmas health would get better. She burst into tears-she is only 13-seriously, what a sweet little girl. So we are fasting with her today and we hope her grandma will get better so she can get baptized soon. Then of course we went to our favorite Filippeano family's house for dinner and there were lots of people there. They make the best food! And then it was time to Skype you guys! It is always so good to hear from you because it reminds me of what a blessing it is to be serving a missionary don to have a family who supports me. I am so grateful for each one of you. Congrats to Jared and Laurel on getting engaged and Jesse and Whitney's wedding this week. So happy for you! 
Something I learned this week was from the bible. Whenever I had previously heard the story of the loaves and the fishes I had always focused on the miracle that Christ had performed. When I was reading it this time I thought more of the boy who offered the small amount of loaves and fishes. Clearly they were not even close to how many were needed, but he, with faith, came foreword with his offering. And because he did, Christ made the bread and fish enough. How often do we withhold what we had because we feel it isn't enough, when if we would just offer our all, Christ will MAKE it enough. I have seen Christ make me "more" many times, and I am trying to not withhold any part of my offering to Him here in the mission field because I know that by doing so He will compensate for my inadequacy. It is the same in life. It is never about how much we do but how much we rely--on Him. I am so grateful for my Savior, "And Christ truly said unto our fathers: If ye have faith ye can do all things which are expedient unto me." I love this gospel and the joy and peace it offers in these troubling times. 
Sister Wadsworth

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