Tuesday, November 10, 2015

I'm not old...I'm ancient

The subject title is from Sister Dorsky, FYI. Finally got a good picture with her....see below :) she's like 90 and is still kickin. 
This week went by wayyy too fast!! Sister Lemmon turned 20 on Monday!! So obviously we had to party so much. I took her to a thrift store and we got some fun stuff for cheap. Also went to 5 guys and had a real burger for the first time in like a year ha ha. This week consisted of basically all of our plans falling through which was fine with me cause some incredible things happened instead!
So there is this girl, Karen, who's family moved from China so they could worship, even though they don't have a church. She lives right by our church so she started coming and has been coming (unbeknownst to the missionaries) for the last 3 months! Well it's Brooklyn Stake Temple week and she wanted to go but as it turns out, you actually have to be a member to go to the temple so now she wants to get baptized!! Holy cow what is life?! So we are working with her and hopefully she will get baptized soon. We have also been working with a 10-year-old boy whose grandma is a member and he is SO HARD to teach. Like the ultimate A.D.D. child here. But thank goodness for ios9 and the drawing feature on notes, we have him draw pictures of what we teach while we're teaching and it is the first time missionaries have been able to teach him all the lessons! You should see the poor kid's teaching record, every companionship was like "maybe when he's older" and stuff like that but DING DING DING we taught him everything so he is getting baptized next week! And of course Peyton got baptized yesterday so that was the coolest thing ever. She pretty much bears her testimony of the restoration non-stop through church it's so presh. I'll save that story for later.
We are also teaching this lady and it's been so cool to see her boyfriend's heart soften:
1st visit: we ask if he wants to join the lesson and he walks into the other room
2nd visit: sat there through a video about Jesus
3rd visit: waiting on the couch with the Plan of Salvation pamphlet in hand and was more responsive than his girlfriend.
Haha!! I love what the gospel does to people, they just can't help wanting to know more. Oh and a random funny story, we often walk past a waste management facility and Sister Lemmon is always like, suffocated, and I'm like, so happy cause it smells like a dairy...you can take the girl out of the country but ya can't take the country out of the girl!
We had an amazing MLC mostly talking about patience and setting goals for next year but I will skip over that to tell you a story about poor Elder Paterson. He is from Cardy and knows all of Travis' family...pretty much a hysterical Canadian. Well we had a break and so everyone was walking back in but he tripped over the Assistant's MacBook cord and almost fell into his seat so we were all kinda joking about how he tripped and having fun. So we have a tradition where when Sister Reynolds walks into the room we all stand up out of respect. So Elder Paterson tries to stand up but something went wrong and he fell down and his chair folded up so he was flat on his bum on the ground and we were all just dying laughing. Seriously everyone in this mission feels like my close family now. It's like I have 120 little brothers and 80 sisters. And President and Sister Reynolds are like the parents, it is SO FUN to be a missionary in the NYNYS Mission.
So let me skip to Sunday cause it was cray. Reminded me of when I was in Belle Harbor there was so much happening! First of all, we had 10 INVESTIGATORS at church.All progressing, most have been coming consistently...what the heck? In NYC? Fuhgeddaboutit. Seriously couldn't even keep track of them all. We attended Young Women's because 4 of them are in there. After church Peyton got baptized! The RS room was overflowing and the spirit was amazing. Most of our investigators stayed for it! She was so happy and was crying and smiling and our hearts were so full! President and Sister Reynolds came as well and it was so fun to have hem there! They are THE CUTEST thing of my entire life. Right before the baptism a young lady from Malaysia walked in and said she was looking for a church to join. She knew a few things about our church so she said she would like to be baptized....I was like...uhhhhh...the font is full so uhhh....haha. We got her contact info and have an appointment. AFTER the baptism Heavenly Father sent us another new investigator. She is from Japan and she googled churches near her home and thought ours looked nice. She came and our members basically jumped on that and welcomed her in so nicely. We had a lesson that evening and she LOVES the restoration. She was in a crazy church that was making her vomit on command and all this really weird stuff we were like "yeah we just have green jello and that's about as weird as we get..." Ha ha. Met with her again last night and set a baptismal date. I don't know why we are being blessed so much!! I know it's not about us though, these people are ready whether we are or not, so we are trying to pull ourselves together and catch up to God's pace!! I seriously LOVE missionary work and being here in NYC and being with Sister Lemmon and working with all these amazing people! Life couldn't be more perfect. LOVE YOU ALL!!!
Sister Wadsworth

Pics...one from the dr's...I got mah flu shot
Some vintage clothes we got at this cool store....
And some guy with some nast dreads on the train he kept flipping his hair and it was touching my comp...sick.
And pics taken by Lemmdog

and President and Sister...the cutest things ever.

And the Laundrymat

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