Monday, October 12, 2015

Brooklyn for life...


....or at least until I come home! Wow wow wow. I get to stay here for my last 6 weeks!! I'm so excited, I LOVE this area and feel super blessed right now.

This week started off with a lil sleepover at the mission home! A new sister missionary from China came into our Stake so her trainer, us, and the Assistants all went to pick her up at the airport along with President and Sister Reynolds. It was such a beautiful experience! And brought back so many memories of coming in on my first day, it's crazy how different I now feel after 17 months of serving here in New York! We spent the night writing some guidelines for newly called Sister Training Leaders with Sister Reynolds, I seriously love her so much! Our mission has been so blessed to have 2 great presidents and their wives lead it. Tuesday didn't slow down, we took the sisters to their new apartment and dropped into our district meeting just in time, taught a lesson, and then brought back groceries for the new sisters, and had some fun lookups for the rest of the night. 

So one morning I was studying and I realized that I needed to be a bit better at consistently being what I want to become as Elder Oaks says. I thought my language could use a bit of improvement, not that it's bad just a little immature especially for a missionary. So I made a list of different words I could use instead of what I was currently saying....well it's pretty cool when you try to be better because the Lord blesses you pretty hardcore! We had a lesson scheduled for the evening and some people to see throughout the day but nothing looked very promising. We ended up having 3 less-active lessons, 4 other lessons, and 2 new investigators! In the middle of the day we got a bible referral and when we looked up the address the lady lived in the same building as our appointment that night! We set up an appointment and SHE WAS INCREDIBLE. So in tune. It's not very often that you feel the spirit when you walk into a non-members house. As we were walking home I was chuckling a bit cause the Asians here do this weird thing where they go through the trash on the sidewalk at night to try and find things to recycle for money. My initial thought when I see this in action is "get a real job." Like how sad is it that you have to go through someone else's garbage. It reminded me of that Mormon Ad poster entitled "take out the trash" of the boy taking the trash out of his mind. These people going through the trash are looking for something of value, maybe it's gonna pay for their next meal. I don't know. But they don't have a choice of what they're gonna find in there, maybe a dirty diaper ha ha, maybe worse. It's the same with the Internet or on our phones, maybe our intent is to find something of value but more often that not we end up finding things that harm rather than help us spiritually. My challenge is to not go through the trash. If you go on the Internet, please have a purpose! The instant we go on without a purpose is the instant Satan has room to take over. 

So I went on an exchange with my favorite Sister Peterson, she goes home tomorrow and has had such a big impact on my mission! We were talking about what the personal result of our mission might be and I realized that if there's one thing I would hope has changed about me it would be that I am more humble. Can you imagine coming back from a mission and still being prideful? Seems like that would defeat the whole purpose if you came back and weren't humbled by the experiences you had on your mission. When I think of humility I always think of Job, it's crazy that he still trusted and held onto God through it all....what an example! I haven't gone through nearly as hard of things as him but we can all trust God no matter what we go through.
Ok so also when I was with Sister Peterson we taught a deaf lady and she couldn't read so Sister Peterson was signing to her and trying to help her read from the Book of Mormon Stories. It's so cool that this little old lady can be just as faithful as we can (probably more) when she is so unable to learn about the gospel. I hope we take advantage of everything we have, all the resources, to learn all we can about our Savior and His life. Isn't that why we're here on earth? 

The transfer ended SO GOOD!! We had 5 investigators at church and had many miracles and progress happen for each of them DURING the meeting! This area had like 5 investigators in all 3 pools and now our pools combined have almost 40! And we have about 8 people preparing for baptism...its been so cool to see the work hasten in this area. We talked to a member last night (she was teaching with us) and she said there was one branch in NYC 50 years ago, and now we have 4 incredible is that?? I love being a part of the work in this area, it's the best thing of my life. 

Hope you all have a great week!
Sister Wadsworth 

1. Some T-Bell sauce from a previous comp <3
2. Mission home with the new missionaries! Aren't President and Sister Reynolds picture perfect?!
3. I realized that I only have 6 more weeks of this pizza so we have been livin a little
4. I will miss this little hottie :'(

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