Monday, October 19, 2015

When Life Gives You Lemmons...


Well, not Lemmons necessarily, but a Lemmon. SISTER Lemmon is my new companion and is probably the greatest thing of my life!! I kind of knew she was going to be my companion haha glad I was right! She is from St. Anthony, ID so we totally get each other. We know some of the same people, places, and uh, we're both just country so that's a dream come true. We had an amazing first week!

We went to do a lookup and I read the address wrong so we went to the building across from where we were supposed to go. The lady who opened the door was (obviously) the wrong person and because of a slight language barrier we thought she was put out by us so we started to leave. But she asked our names and we taught her a mini-restoration lesson and she wanted us to come back!! It's so funny the little things the Lord does for us throughout the day. An unexpected prepared person, a bus coming quickly when it's freezing cold, nice people opening doors when we knock instead of yelling at us, a companion with a sense of humor. The Lord really cares about each of us. 

We also taught a new investigator that our elders found! (Shout out to our elders, they have found half the people we are teaching!) she is so sweet, she came to church last week and we were able to have a member come with us last minute. This member, Amy, is the mother of 3 and oh my goodness her testimony is so powerful!! I was close to tears the whole lesson it was SO GOOD. And Sister Lemmon is such a powerful teacher, just being with her I have learned so much in the last week! 

She actually taught me some super cool, simple things about being happy. We can't always choose our situation, in fact, we rarely can! Because of this we sometimes think we can't choose to be happy because our situation predicts our happiness. Not true! Maybe we can't necessarily choose to be happy, but we can choose to create an environment in our lives where the spirit can dwell and as it says in Galatians 5:22: "But the fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, longsuffering, gentleness, goodness, faith." So maybe we can't choose to be happy in the way we think we normally would, but we can choose to have the spirit, which, in turn, will make us happy!! 

We also taught some other lessons which, if I went into detail would take forever to explain, I gave a talk in church about seeing the beauty in others....haha it was great. Oh one last amazing thing: everyone thinks Sister Lemmon is a Jew because she's a brunette wearing tights. Walking to church yesterday a Jewish lady went out of her way to greet us which is amazing considering that they never respond when we greet them! Hysterical.

Oh and it was freezing cold last night so we went knocking. "Hi! We're missionaries and were out here freezing because we know our message is true!" Most people said no after that part but one lady said no and then told Sister Lemmon she has hot glasses #truth. After about 10 doors this one guy comes down his stairs...he was younger and he gave us the horizontal and we didn't know what to do so we asked him if he wanted to learn more and he was like "yes!" We were both like "uhhh what do we say we've never gotten this far." So we taught him a short restoration while he just stood there smiling. He was obviously interested, just not in our message. I FEEL SO AWKWARD JUST THINKING ABOUT IT. But it's okay. We found a family at the next door so #worthit. 

Well it's getting rather cold here but the people of New York are warming up to the gospel and it is so fun to see people's lives (including our own) change because of it! I love being a missionary here, it's the best thing ever :) 

Thanks so much for everything, I love you all!
Sister Wadsworth

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