Tuesday, September 1, 2015

The Lord isn't Building His Church, He's Building Us!!

What a week to end this transfer with!! The major highlight was setting another baptismal date with one of our investigators! We are teaching a cute little family and although the Dad isn't quite ready yet the mom has set a date and he should be following soon (: we had a sister-wide exchange for the Brooklyn Stake to follow up on Sisters Conference and that was super cool as well!! 
On Wednesday Sister Reynolds had all the Sister Training Leaders come to her house for a follow-up meeting about the conference. We got there and instead of starting off the meeting she said "why don't we all go get pedicures?" I've never heard grown women (including myself) scream so loud and so long. The mission home probably hasn't had that much action in quite a while. So we loaded into cars and went to the spa! It was the best thing of my life, something I probably wouldn't have appreciated so much had I still been in a car area. Guys I seriously had no idea feet could be so nasty. Like I probably shouldn't be talking about this in an email home but oh my heck, walking areas straight slay me!! But yeah, Sister Reynolds is the coolest. We came back and had dinner and our little "meeting" and then President Reynolds walks in and Sister Reynolds was like "look at our toes!" So we all lined up and stuck out our foot And he was like "you're kidding me" he said it just like Pa says it and it was SOOO funny I was dying. Then Sister Reynolds drove us home and gave us advice about how to be a trophy wife and what to look for in a husband. It was so presh, I seriously love her like a mom. 

We also went on an exchange with the Spanish Sisters in Dyker Heights, we sang a musical number in Sacrament Meeting, and about died haha ok that's an interesting story. I got a super bad headache after the exchange but we had people to see so when we got home we were both just wiped out. The next morning we went to help a lady in the ward move. Oh my heck, don't put 3 single, middle-aged Brooklynite women in the same house to pack. Whew. It was so entertaining, they were all giving each other so much sass, there was an unreal amount of dust, and SOOO many cassette tapes I could barely handle it. We got to talking about movies and music and the lady we helped move basically fell in love with me because I know who Gary Cooper and John Wayne and Maureen O'Hara are. She seriously thinks I'm the most educated 22-year-old she's ever met. That's what homeschool is folks! We had a great conversation and I told her she needs to watch "The Quiet Man" cause she'd never seen it! Irrelevant. Anyways! We came home at like 3 and the dust had turned my headache into writhing pain/I passed out so we asked the elders to come give me a blessing. They came in and immediately went to our cupboards and ate half our food haha poor guys they never have food for various reasons that I won't state but that doesn't make me feel less bad when they are starving. Anyways Elder Syme gave me a blessing, he is like 18 and he just got called to train so he's like, growing up and stuff. I don't know how to describe him but if it gives you any idea he quotes James E Talmage and Bruce R. McConkie every other sentence. But anyways he gave me a really cool blessing and promised that I'd be better the next morning! I was trying not to be like "yeah right" because blessings work according to faith. So I was like okay! Well outside our house there was this rockin party on our lawn and we were trying to go to sleep early when the doorbell rang. It was our landlord Lenny (totes Brooklyn all the way) and he wanted to invite us to the party! He said everyone else in the house was there and we should come. 

So we got dresses on and went out. There was yummy food, lots of crazy people and...alcohol! Suprise! Haha I've never been offered it so much in my life. We were like "no, we're the sisters, we're Mormon" just kinda laughing it off. Like this is right outside the door of our deck! Reminds me of that Mormon message by Elder Packer talking about "protecting your nestlings" haha. We had a conversation with this lady and she doesn't believe in God cause she's "independent" I felt so bad for her. She basically thinks that religion is a crutch "for people who need it." She seemed so unhappy. Well, the party got a bit raunchy and there was "dancing" so we went back inside. It was a real wake-up call though (oh haha literally). Sometimes you just feel like you're a terrible missionary cause you don't talk to ALL the people you pass, you don't have a member at every lesson, you don't have the scriptures memorized (missionary probs) and then you get jolted back into the real world and see that you're doing a lot better than you think you were! Living in NYC is like living in an ongoing R-rated movie. What better place to put the "test" in testimony than somewhere where you are constantly being tempted and given the opportunity to stand up for what you believe. 

Anyways back to the blessing, the next morning I woke up and the headache was completely gone with no side effects! Like, you always know that the priesthood is real but when you see the proof of it it's SO COOL. I am so grateful for the blessing of the priesthood in my life. We had a cool experience on Sunday afternoon; we went to see a less-active we have been working with cause she is in the hospital. We had a visit and a short lesson with her and then prayed and were about to leave. As we hugged her goodbye she started crying and told us how much it meant to her that we were there for her during this hard time. I can't begin to tell you how great it was to hear that. We have knocked on so many unanswered doors, smiled and so many indifferent strangers, and held open so many unnoticed doors...sometimes you go home at night and wonder if you did ANYTHING to help the Lord with His work, and hearing it from her was worth all those other things. Isn't it so crazy? We can go through a trial or a test that seems to last FOREVER and when some small thing happens it makes it ALL worth it. If I did nothing else on my mission but learn how to use the atonement, it would all have been worth it. But obviously I have gained so much more than that. We cannot give the Lord a crust of bread without Him giving us a loaf in return. 

I love it here, I love the gospel, and I never want to leave my mission!! Thank you for the love and support!!
Sister Wadsworth


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