Monday, August 17, 2015

Missionary Summer !!!

Missionary Summer !!!

Another great week! Currently sitting on the Plunkett's front porch soaking in this beautiful Belle Harbor day. It'll probably always be my favorite part of New York.
This week was way busy, we had a tri-zone conference, Sis Anderson and I had to give a workshop on working with members so we invited one of our members to come and talk about how teaching with the missionaries has strengthened her testimony. She bore a really powerful testimony about how she and her husband moved here and they had no idea there were so many people here who needed their testimony. They have the cutest family, their daughter Sariah is like my little twin (: me and my comp also sang a musical number and I played the piano for the  thing so it was a really busy day and went by so fast! After the conference we did a double-exchange so I went with a companionship to their pool in Park Slope and Sis Anderson went with Sister Cox and her comp to Bushwick, not like I was jealous or anything haa ha. We didn't even have time to take our bags home because we had to go see Sister Dorskey, she makes us the most random food I love it! She is the lady who we have to basically scream at in order for her to hear cause she's deaf-ish. She is the definition of Italian Brooklyn, she has the accent and swears like, every other word. Sis Anderson tries not to laugh, I'm past the point of trying to hold myself back...I'm laughing the whole time! It's so great...there's no life like mission life that's for sure!
Pretty much all our appointments had cancelled but this member (the same one who gave her testimony) had let us put our bags in her house till the end of the night so we went to pick them up and proceed with plan b but her house was kinda a dump so we cleaned it and folded all their laundry. It was so fun! I miss cleaning and doing normal people stuff like that.
The next day we exchanged with the Midwood sisters, I got to go back to my old area with Sis Vandertoolen, she is the CUTEST. We had some sketchy experiences, as per usual in Midwood. This guy came up behind us as we were walking down the sidewalk. He had a boombox on his shoulder and was pretty clearly high on something. He yelled out to us (even though he was right behind us) "it's the elders of the Latter Day Saints! Ya'll look like Ruth and Naomi" Sister Vandertoolen didn't even hear him so I'm like "walk faster" under my breath and she's like "what??" Haha she'll learn...
Friday we had Zone Training Meeting, it was super good! I loved one thing from Dalin H. Oaks: "Would I be a lawyer who became an apostle, or would I be an apostle who used to be a lawyer?" I loved it cause I think we think of ourselves as our occupation or looks or accomplishments. We are first and foremost disciples of Christ, and we should shape ourselves to what He wants us to be.
Saturday and Sunday were massive miracles, an investigator who had dropped off the face of earth texted us and we had a lesson with her Friday and again on Saturday!! She is so cool! Then on Sunday we had a TON of people come to church!! The coolest thing at church was when we were sitting in gospel principals with 2 of our investigators: one has a baptismal date and the other was kinda on the edge. It was supposed to be about the sacrament but it ended up being about baptism. She raised her hand and said "on the way here I was thinking about baptism and now we are talking about this...basically, I want to be baptized!" We were stunned and I might have shed a tear or two, we have been teaching her for 2 months and she didn't seem like baptism was in her sights...and then this!!! It was the coolest shock ever! Later that days she texted and said "please don't beget mad for what I'm about to tell you" I was thinking "oh great she doesn't want to get baptized" she sent a second text saying that she was sorry but she gave her Book of Mormon away to a family member who was going through some difficult times and she knew it would help her! The most amazing part is that this investigator has struggled to understand and love the Book of Mormon, but her giving it away is a sign she knows how special it is! We were so stoked. We also had a way cool lesson with a woman who we knocked into last week...she didn't even freak out when we told her her baptism wasn't valid! Haa ha. We got soaked in the summer rain on the way home...I love being a missionary in New York!!
I thought this week was so cool. Last week was a bit of a struggle and Sister Anderson and I knew we needed to keep pushing and work even harder. The Lord was completely aware of everything we go through and He wants to help us! I know this gospel is true and I am so so happy to be here. The closer it gets to the end the more I treasure this special time to grow closer to God and to share the gospel full-time. Love you all!
Sister Wadsworth

1. Our double exchange
2. Tripleting it up
3. We have a popcorn obsession...
4. Sister Vandertoolen

5. Rockaway beach...we came in dresses and Terry made us put on her clothes haa ha.

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