Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Miracles & Mainstream Missionary Werk


Hi Fam!! 
So glad everyone is still alive haha it seems like there is a fatality every week. My testimony this week is that God definitely watches out for us. 

The week went from ordinary to crazy on Wednesday when we woke up around 5 to meet at the mission home at 7:39 to have a pre-meeting meeting with Elder Randall K. Bennett of the 70. He and his wife are amazing!!! Of course we got lost in traffic but the Lord always watches out for His missionaries cause even though we made u-turns, got stuck in traffic, and took the wrong exit, we got there right on time!! I don't think I can quite go into all that was talked about in all our meetings but to sum it up I left the meeting feeling God's love stronger perhaps than I have ever felt it, and an insane desire to share the gospel with everyone I saw. As leaders we had a meeting from 7:30-9:30, the meeting with everyone was from 10:00-4:30, and then another MLC with Elder Bennett from 5:00-8:30. I was so stoked to get out and talk to some people but we had to get home! We were riding home with the Staten Island Zone Leaders and they had to fuel up so my companion suggested we invite the other people at the gas station to church that Sunday! So we did! So great. Ok now prepare yourselves for Thursday...

I woke up SO TIRED. Seriously praying for the spiritual gift of energy right now, I have never struggled so bad to stay awake during studies. But I KNEW if I did everything the way the Lord wanted we would see miracles. We had an appointment at 10 so we left the pad at 9:10. Before 10am we saw like 15 miracles!! We talked to EVERYONE and got 3 potentials, the lady we went to look up wasn't there but her sister said she would be back at 4 with some other family members. So we went a couple streets up and taught an investigator and had our best lesson yet with her!! We also had an investigator text us who we had lost contact with, she wants to meet again!!! 
We went across BK to exchange with the Spanish sisters, we immediately came back and had a MP lesson with Caroline, then we taught a less-active, then a recent convert, all amazing lessons. By this time it was 4 so we needed to go back to the lady from that morning. We walked the sidewalk up to the steps and this family of 10 kids (plus the parents) was waiting on the stoop for us! Might as well have been dressed in white jumpsuits my goodness they were all so prepared to hear the message. How often do you teach a lesson and have 10 people listen attentively to what you're saying the whole time? It was like Heavenly Father just dropped 10 new investigators into our area books before we knew what was happening! I showed them the family picture and they all thought I was mom!! They said we look like twins Ma so I guess when you got it you got it huh. The best part is that they were African and as we taught them they were passing around fried chicken--sharing every piece! It was so priceless. We only had 3 Book of Mormons but they all want their own and when we told them how the Book came to be and what it can do for them they were seriously in awe! We set up an appointment for the next day. At this point we were ahead of our schedule! Every train and bus came right as we walked up to the stop...like, was this for real? We went home and had a full dinner hour (rare)! And went back out to work before 6. We taught another less-active, 3 investigators, and another less-active, and then went to look up a potential. For Brooklyn, teaching 7 lessons is supposed to be impossible, but obviously with God, all things are possible!! It was the coolest day of my life. I always heard stories of missionaries working like this but I guess I kinda lacked the confidence hat I could do it, especially in Brooklyn with the transportation and everything but it's cool to know that you're capable of so much more than you thought you were! I know when we seek after the Lord He will help us SO much more with this work. 

As much as I wish everyday could be like this, I kinda knew it couldn't haha, but you can try to make it so! Friday I had a little foot appointment aka operation and got a big old fat swollen foot out of it. The Staten Island Sisters agreed to exchange with us again so I could be in a car for the day. We also went to Zone 1 ZTM so that took up a bit of time too. The podiatrist was a fun time! She stuck a huge needle into the bottom of my foot, waited for me to be numb, and then dug into it with a knife tool thing. Then after that she got this burner thing and burned the flesh around it so I smelled like a fat cow being branded. Came to Staten with Sister Tenney (my twin) and we had a great time...as great of a time as you can when one of you can't walk ha ha. We tried to go see some people but walking was a bad idea cause my foot started bleeding and it started coming through the bandage so we gave up on that. Sometimes ya just need to not for a day...

Some cool prayer experiences from this week!! On Sunday night we went to teach one of our investigators and since I couldn't walk we asked a member to come pick us up and teach the lesson, well, first of all, the member got in a car accident on the way to pick us up so we waited outside for seriously 2 hours cause she kept saying she was almost there lol. It was entertaining though cause there was a Muslim wedding going on on the lawn outside our house so we just creeped on the wedding party and actually found a new investigator! Ha ha. So we finally get to the lesson at 8:15 and it was on prayer! So we had a quick lesson and went back to the car. The member had left her lights on so the battery was dead. Not her day eh. So we decided to say a prayer, and after we waited a couple minutes she tried again and the car still wouldn't start! Well, God is always listening to us so He had a member on the next street over that was prepared to come help us! All is right in the Lord's timing.

On the way home I flashed back to that morning at 3 am When I was jolted out of my sleep by a man screaming "get out of my car!" Like 10 times. Seriously, death was happening outside my window guys. I heard tires screech and footsteps on the pavement and then a couple seconds after the car was gone the guy let out this freakish scream like, Man From Snowy River status when Jim's dad dies. "Noooooooooooo!" I make it sound funny now but it was absolutely terrifying to a little sister missionary in her bed with an injured foot. I started having images of someone breaking into the house to kidnap me and since my comp is a heavy sleeper she wouldn't hear them take me and obviously they would take me to East New York and cut up my body into shreds and I would be helpless cause I can't walk. I couldn't get over the fact that this was happening in my neighborhood. We are supposed to be safe in our own home and I did NOT feel safe. So I laid in bed motionless for like 3 minutes crying and finally decided to wake up my comp. I shook her elbow slightly and said "Sister, I need you" she rolled out of bed and grabbed the phone and said "WHAT HAPPENED??" (I think she was gonna call the police lol) I told her what was happening and I don't know why but I was just wrecked from this whole thing and sobbing so she said a prayer asking for protection and then it was all good (after I moved my  mattress next to her bed ha ha). As she prayed I felt peace come over us like a blanket. I couldn't be scared anymore because I knew the Lord was protecting us. Obviously praying didn't change any of our surroundings or circumstances, but it did change how I felt in my heart. I know God care about us because He sent His spirit to be with us in times of distress. I am grateful for Christ because it is through Him that we can pray. 

I am so grateful to be here, this is the best mission on earth!!! Thank you for all your support, I love you!!
Sister Wadsworth 

1. Exchanges with the lovely Sister Tarnasky...she looks like a ginger Cameron Diaz #cutie
2. After the Podiatrist
3. Zone 1 ZTM
4. With my cute compie (: 

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