Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Keepin It Real in the B-Hurst(2)


Hope you're ready for another episode of our classic (not classy mind you haha) NY South mission experience. It's a good one! 
Just a few typical stories to start off with. Picture this: me and my cute comp standing on a sketchy corner waiting for the light when this creepy van within which two guys start cat calling at us: "heyyyy supermodel" "I like your hair" and then (LOL x100000) one of them was like "I like the one in the dress" well congratulations bruh, we are both in dresses...#groundbreaking. People are so common these days. Then yesterday as we were waiting for a bus (in case you can't tell that's pretty much all we do is walk and wait) this group of guys walks up and one of them turns around and goes right up to Sister Anderson and stares at her tag for like 20 seconds, looks at her face, and laughs at her! We were seriously like "really??" People are so dang rude and it's like, funny but kinda disgusting that they get away with it! We also had a few more persecution experiences that I don't want to talk about cause I get mad haha but that kind of gives a flavor in your mouth for this past week...
On a brighter, more spiritual note, we had an awesome ZTM as well as 2 exchanges with some incredible sisters! I am so grateful to be able to be in this position, I learn so much going around with different sisters and watching them teach and be amazing missionaries (: I was with one sister who seriously brought SO MANY miracles to our pool. We had an amazing night of finding and teaching! You can really tell when people are living the right way because miracles ALWAYS follow those who are obedient.
I have been thinking a lot about sacrifice. As I was reading a bit about it in the scriptures I found one in which David is conversing with Araunah, this guy is trying to convince David to offer a sacrifice that is not gonna cost him much and David says: "I (will not) offer burnt offerings unto the Lord my God of that which doth cost me nothing." I thought that was so cool, if we are going to offer God something we shouldn't be afraid of the price. We must be willing to give him our all and not expect anything in return although, inevitably, he will ALWAYS give us more in return. A mission is an opportunity to give all that you can for the Lord and try not to worry about the pice. I have been blessed with so much more than I have given as I try to serve Him with all my heart. I love the gospel and am so grateful for the opportunity to be a minister of the truth! 
Love yous, 
Sister Wadsworth

1. I look like a dead dog in this pic but can we just appreciate that super talented people come play in the subway station and also that they take off their clothes? #securewithyourbody lol 
2. Had such a fun exchange with this blue-eyed beauty! 
3. Don't hate on the license plate
4. Our stinking amazing zone
5. The best selfies are the ones with nachos, cute comps, and the risk of losing your life to climb on top of the counter so your cheetah pants can be in the pic. 

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