Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Happy Labor Day!


Heyyyy!! It's been a great week, I love it here more every day. 

The wedding sounds like a crazy little time, I'm sad I wasn't there to see the cake get cut lol. 

Something cool happened last night! We have an investigator with a baptismal date who needs to get married before her baptism in a month. It was really stressing us out. As we were having a pretty awkward law of chastity lesson I testified that if they lived within the bounds the Lord has set for chastity they will be blessed and that they need to get married. She cut me off and said they had gotten married a month ago!! Such a tender mercy and a HUGE weight off our shoulders. She is on track to get baptized!

As I was studying about the importance of staying with your companion I realized that it is a pattern the Lord is trying to help us set for the rest of our lives. In place of a missionary companion our constant companion will be the Holy Ghost (He already should be) If we can be transparent with our companion and do everything "in the light" we will be more prepared to have the CONSTANT companionship of the Holy Ghost for the REST of our lives. I panic whenever I "lose" my companion from sight or sound, and I hope I feel that way about the spirit now and after my mission. My biggest goal is to have the spirit with me always as my companion for the rest of my life. 

We had a crazy MLC, the leadership of the mission under President's direction has decided we need to get back to the basics of PMG and the doctrines. It is so cool to see how the basic doctrines of the church are what we need to be happy in life. So much more happened than this but we are in Belle Harbor with the Plunkett's and it's too beautiful of a day to be staring at an iPad screen. 

The church is true ya'll! 

Love you!!

Sister Wadsworth

1. Our fav AP, Elder Odd(Elder Holland lol) finished his mission!
2. After transfer meeting, about 20 missionaries headed to the train
3. Another pair worn through!
4. Today at Belle Harbor with my Cox <3 

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