Monday, September 29, 2014

This ship could stay in the harbor but that's not what ships are built for.

Yes, I am leaving. Time to sail! Can't even believe all that has
happened this week. But the highlight was definitely eating a whole
fish, eyeballs and all. Okay that wasn't the highlight, but it was a
top runner. I get little butterflies (or fisheys) in my stomach every
time I think about it. It completely ruined my appetite for Swedish forever. But on a more real note, I have learned so much
this week about things that will help me for the rest of my time in
New York as well as the rest of my life. I have been studying a lot
about accountability lately and have felt a real sense of urgency for
this wok to move forward as well as the need to be more accountable to
Heavenly Father about how I spend every second, here and for the rest
of my life. Chapter 8 in PMG was mind-blowing, I loved this part: "the
attitude you have toward your mission experience is a reflection of
your love towards your Heavenly Father and His Son and your respect
for the priesthood." Well obviously I love Him and so I have been
trying to make my mission (and my life) a reflection of that love. It
is hard to always align our actions with what we are trying to
accomplish and with what God wants, but I know as we try we will be
blessed for having the faith to attempt.

We have met some awesome people this week! It's so crazy to me how
Sister Cox and I will set a goal with a certain person in mind and we
always reach our goals but it always seems to be with different
people! The Lord has put a lot of people in our path who are ready to
hear the gospel and that has been such a blessing for us. The lady who
got baptized last week was a perfect example of that. We have had a
lot of cool lessons about faith this week as well, it's weird how you
see different patterns in investigators as they progress towards
baptism. We are teaching an adorable couple who just had the sweetest
baby. Obviously it is a real struggle for me to restrain myself from
taking the little sweetheart every time we go over there. It is so
cool for me to see the faith of those who are investigating...I wonder
if I would have had that same faith if I was in their position.

We watched the Women's Meeting, the time difference was a real
struggle, it started at 8pm here and we had driven to Woodside to
watch it so like 40 minutes away. We were in the car during transfer
calls. *tears* *sobbing* *depression* This is my last day in Belle
Harbor for now. I don't want to leave but the good news is it isn't
about what I want so I'm just ready for wherever I go and whomever I'm
paired with and I know that that's where Heavenly Father needs me. I
was fine at first but as I started thinking about the people here it
just got harder and harder. I am so grateful for the experiences I've
had here and for the people I've come to love. This is getting fruity
so I'm just gonna stop at that. But I had to give a impromptu
15-minute talk which I ugly cried through the entirety of. Thanks for
that gene Pa (not the ugly part, the crying part). But I can't even
handle how much I love these people. They are my family and my life so
it's kinda hurting right now but I'll just eat a can of corn and I'll
be fine. And I will miss the missionaries here just as much. Sister
Cox has been sooooo great for me to have as a companion and I'm just
sad it had to end this soon. She's is all right that girl, let me tell
you what. Words can't go out as to how much I love and respect her.
But enough is enough so I'm just gonna throw in the towel and I guess
next week you'll know where I'm at!

So so grateful for this gospel and for the strength it's given me to
do what I need to do and strive to be the person I need to be. I'm so
grateful for the changes I've seen in others as well as we bring them
closer to Christ. If you're thinking about going on a mission, stop
thinking about it and start your papers, it is the best decision you
could ever make, no matter who you are.
Love you all so much!
Sister Wadsworth

Sorry for the pic overload, this isn't even half of them...
1. Favorite comp for lifeeeee
2. Trying to take a district selfie but Elder Voorhees wouldn't get in it
3. The Plunkett Clan
4. My girl Dia and Clinford, the one who introduced her to us!
5. One of our strongest families in the branch!
6. Can you tell they're for the philippeans? #giantswag
7. Some of the ladies from the branch...what a riot.
8. Ladies from the branch part II
9. My girl Eli
10. These words can describe the love. John and Cathy.
11. Farewell cake from Steve & Terry for me and another elder who is
being transferred.

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