Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Well shootsies, I'm pretty frazzled from this last week, mostly
because I actually have to do stuff instead of just stand there and
watch. No more nail painting during weekly planning lol. This week was
hysterical, but not in the way my weeks are usually a good laugh.
First off, we go to district meeting and pretty much get a major
chastisement for not committing people to baptism the first time we
meet them. I'm just not pushy and if someone tried to commit me to
baptism before I knew their name I'd tell them to jump in the bay! But
I believe that our leaders know what is best so Foxy Cox and I decided
to do our best. We've taught a lot of awkward first lessons, it's bad
enough when you're asking someone to be baptized when you can't
pronounce their name, and then you add the language barrier, the age
difference, the fact that I'm whiter than vanilla ice cream, the part
where they're pretty much on drugs, and the fact that I'm
homeschooled, and let me just say that leads to a pretty rad baptismal
commit! So far 1 was shot down and 2 were accepted but we have return
appointments with everyone so I am hoping that no matter how
awkward/bad of teachers we are the spirit will work on them and
they'll come to know it's true. Cug. Oh I guess I never explained the
cug to you guys. That'll probs have to wait till I get home, but for
right now just know that it is a term used when shiz gets awkward.

We did service for Francis again. We started playing this game where
if we like something we take it to her and we tell her how cool it is
and then she tells us to take it home. Okay it was mostly the elders
but I was pretty slayed by the whole thing and just hysterical the
whole time. Mom that "haste makes waste" sign came from her. You can
put it up in the kitchen in memory of her if you want but you know
that's going in my trophy wife house when we get married. Dude the
amount of stuff she has is seriously crazy. The contents of her living
room are probs worth a fortune. I will be a forever minimalist after
meeting her, bless her soul. We got this picture for our kitchen and
it's actually sooo classy I will attach a pic.

Saturday we had a district birthday breakfast for Elder Baker's 21st
birthday! Sister Cox and I made these things where you get bread, cut
off the crust, flatten the slice with a rolling pin (didn't have one
so we used a can of green beans #thrifty), spread with Nutella and
throw some strawberries in, roll up, dip in French toast egg stuff,
cook on the griddle, rolling it as you cook, and then sprinkle with
cinnamon sugar. Let's just say it'll probably be the best birthday
he's ever had. But we made French toast bake with the bread crust
(once again, #thrifty) and I whipped up some apple pie filling and
strudel and we baked it right up...so YUM. Anyways enough fat kids
probs, we got fed a lot this week and it was good food so I'm not
complainin! Okay but wait there actually was a time when it was a
problem. So I'm like STARVING cause we go to Beyonca's birthday party
and we were supposed to eat at 5 and it was 7 so I'm just ravenous at
this point. Anyways I get sent into the house with Sister got to fetch
some spoons for the food. Well I'm dying and there's a Little Caesar's
pizza box on the counter from earlier so I'm like "oh I'll just grab a
piece!" Mmmm better not! There were cockroaches crawling in the box
and over the last crusty slice and then I look at the ground and
they're crawling all around our feet so we might have screamed like
girls, grabbed the spoons, and ran outta there like it was a dollar
van we were gettin out of.

Sister Cox had her first run-in with a cockroach a few hours previous.
Haha. We were sitting at a families' house with the elders and all the
sudden Sister Cox is pretty much sitting on my lap and grabbing my
arms. I'm like "what?" "what?" And I look over and there's this HUGE
cockroach crawling up her arm. The elders are such gentlemen, Elder
Voorhees smacked the thing with his iPad and then they traded couches
with us. I dunno why members do this, but they invite us over and then
leave us in the living room to talk to each other and then they do
whatever. Which is fine cause then when cockroaches come we don't feel
bad smacking them. Flashback to when one was crawling by my shoe but I
didn't wanna stamp on it in front of the lady, so I'm like freaking IN
instead of out as I watch it crawl back under the couch. Oh the

Oh my goodness though, we went to see two of our favorite sisters,
they are besties and had just gone shopping and were on their way to a
party. We had tried to call ahead but they hadn't responded. So they
let us in and immediately started to cook us dinner even though they
were supposed to be to a party in Yonkers in a half hour. It takes
like an hour to drive there. So I ironed the sisters clothes while she
took a quick shower except it was hilarious cause she kept changing
her mind about what to wear so once I got one outfit ironed she would
change her mind and throw me another one. I was seriously hysterical
it was the funniest thing of my life. I think I ironed like 5 outfits.
The members take such good care of us I seriously freakin love them.

But on a more spiritual note, we found the most pure family in New
York and they committed to get baptized! I am seriously in love with
them. It's so weird how attached you get to people after just one
visit because you spend hours planning what and how to teach them,
scheduling them into your week, and praying over them. This place
really feels like home to me. Something I've realized is that no
matter where I'm at, the gospel is what brings me peace. Living the
doctrine of Christ is "home." As long as we are doing the right things
we can be comfortable with our lives...more importantly, we can be
comfortable with the spirit guiding us. This gospel has brought me
more joy & happiness than anything and it is such a blessing to be
able to share it with others. I love it here and am so happy to be
doing the Lord's work. Hope you all have a great week!
Sister Wadsworth

Pics 1&2 The girls (got baptized a few weeks ago) and their lemonade
stand! Raising money to buy a dog...totes presh
3, 4, & 5 Byonca's 6th birthday!
6&7 just the life of the Belle Harbor Beach Bums
8. District Breakfast for Elder Bakers birthday! Don't mind the bed heads lol
9. District P-day building sand tunnels on the beach...classic
10. The trophy wife skills coming out..

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