Monday, October 6, 2014

Still in Queens...with a bunch of teens

Well it's a lovely day today here in Queens! This past week has been pretty wild but to start off, we had the greatest p-day of my life on the beach. It was literally a perfect day. The weather was perfect and being with the besties playing football and volleyball was a perfect end to a perfect area. Did I say perfect yet? But we go to transfer meeting, which was awesome, and they're calling out the areas and who is serving there and for some reason when they said Queens YSA: Sister Joseph and.... I just like said my name aloud as they announced it at the same time it seriously came out of nowhere but when they said it I just knew. Crazy. Anyway so we are in Astoria which is basically Forest Hills which is basically Rego Park (they all blend together if ya know what I mean), but we cover the entire borough of Queens. I'm only about half hour north of where I was in Rockaway. I'm with Sister Joseph, she is from West Valley, UT and it turns out we worked at the Lion House at the same time so that's way cool! She hit a squirrel driving our first night so she's already cool in my eyes. Haha jk I hope I can be good enough for her, she is awesome and a hard worker. The coolest thing about it is/are the roaches in the apartment! I instantly have become a big fan of closing everything I open cause I'm like paranoid that they'll get into my stuff. 

Wait rewind back to transfer meeting, we saw Meet the Mormons, even though it isn't out yet! Such a good movie, it's a big deal here so they wanted us to know about it. And it was great cause I got to watch a movie with Sister Cox before we were separated. Probably never gonna get over the heartbreak of that, just being honest. She is literally the greatest person I have met so far on my mission and I love her so much. *sniff* 

So Queens YSA. This is a whole different ball park, pretty much a different country than Belle Harbor. We teach all the young people in Queens. That's a lot of people guys. First thing we find out is that the other sisters in the Astoria are being blinded out and their pool is getting dumped into ours. #doubleduty so we are in charge of the Astoria Ward and the YSA Ward. Second thing I find out is that our area book and all the people in it keeps getting completely wiped (it's an app on our iPads) so we don't know where half the people live or who they are and Sister Joseph has only been here for 6 weeks so we are kinda lost (literally and figuratively speaking). I am assigned to one area and she is assigned to the other so trying to coordinate all that gets confusing. We spend most of our time driving cause with traffic it takes like 1/2 hour to get everywhere. And the APs just told us they're gonna take our car away? No clue how that's gonna turn out haha. It's hard to feel like we're getting anything done but the work is just different now so I'm trying to get used to it. Sister Joseph is like my mom, she keeps making me dinner and it's really good so I seriously feel so blessed to be with her. We laugh a lot together. She is half Hatian and has some real sass going on and a cool fro.

We went to visit a lady in the Astoria Ward to help her start progressing towards the temple. She was all set (we thought) and as we were leaving she offered us iced tea. Awks. Guess we'll have to postpone that trip haha. That took all afternoon, and then we drove an hour to pick up a member for a lesson and drove another half an hour to get to the lesson, and then taking her back and driving home took another hour and a half. So that's like 4 hours for one lesson. Haha. Welcome to our life! We also went teaching with a girl in the Ward who is a model. Pretty legit. I like the new district and Astoria is really pretty with all the trees and we have a beautiful view of the city. Being in the YSA makes me feel like I'm in normal life haha. We just spend our time with people our age and I'm already pretty good friends with a lot of them. It's a different kind of party than it was in Belle Harbor but I'm falling in love with it pretty fast! 

Here's a little spiritual nugget for your week: I have this bathroom bag that has a mesh cover and it has my toothbrush and stuff in it-stuff I wouldn't want cockroaches crawling over. Every Time I get something out I close it, even if I'm going to the bathroom real quick just to brush my teeth. It got old real fast so I was like "oh I don't have to shut it this time." Guess what was crawling over it when I got back? Yep. Roaches are like satan, they are ready and waiting to mess up your life, and the second you give them a chance, they'll jump at it (or crawl I guess). We can't for one second let our guard down or satan will jump right in and take the opportunity. He has no respect for our agency and will dance at every chance to wreck us (that rhymed)1 Peter 5:8: "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour". God on the other hand respects our ability to choose and will not step in unless we ask Him to. It is our conscious decision to choose to have God's influence in our lives. Hope everyone enjoyed conference, my favorite part was "selective obedience brings selective blessings." 

All my love!
Sister Wadsworth

Ps just calling it right now that Travis gets transferred...#prophecy 

1. Me and my new pal!
2. Still my numba one girl Cox, and some other girl who just stepped in our pic, I have no clue who she is.
3. Got all theses fresh fruits, veggies, and nuts at a super cheap stand for like $20!! 
4. It was Sunday and I realized I hadn't taken any pics this week so I took a selfie. Probs shoulda fixed my hair but that's what ya get. 
5. Went to a brunch at the church before conference, turns out the person in charge bailed, so we ended up making breakfast for all these YSA guys...hah never thought my mission would be that. 

6. Saying goodbye to these sweet girls last Monday was hard, I will already miss my Belle Harbor family!

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