Friday, September 26, 2014

Rockin Rockaway Beach

Dear Family:
This week has been INCREDIBLE. Easily one of the best so far. It
didn't start off too crazy, we had zone activity, most of which Sister
Cox and I completely ditched cause we'd rather write our families than
play football, then we had a lesson with Dia, my favorite person in
Rockaway. As we were waiting outside her apartment a lady comes up to
us and askes if we'll teach her. Um, of course we will haha I'll take
free investigators any day! On Tuesday we had our usual district
meeting, which is always good. Elder Nugent served in Bermuda before
this so he brings his ukulele and we sing to that on the opening and
closing songs. Afterwards we went to this ghetto Chinese restaurant
called 5-star, but if I was gonna rate it it'd be called 1-star. We
had an enjoyable lunch there until a cockroach started walking across
the table. None of us said anything, we all just grabbed our food and
walked was hysterical. Tuesday night I went on exchanges to
Lynbrook with Sister Beacher. We got there at like 8:30 at night and
then next morning we had to take their car into Forest Hills for a
recall so we chilled there and talked to people. We met a college-age
guy in Starbucks and actually had such a good conversation with him!
He was catholic but believed all the same things we do. I was on a
roll asking him questions that were getting him thinking and I think
he enjoyed our conversation. Yay for the plan of salvation. We were
walking down the street and this old man walks past us and then turns
around and just started SCREAMING profanities at us. It was different
that's for sure, I'm not sure why he was calling me all those things
but I guess it's a change from being asked if I'm a nun? I was trying
not to laugh cause he was so ridiculous and we just kept walking away
and were like dying laughing. But whatever, the exchange ended and
{once again} I realized how much I love being with Sister Cox here.

Wednesday we exchanged back and saw Dia again and planned her baptism
more, we also went and saw a sister in the branch...remember the time
I almost had to use my pepper spray last week? Well it was at this
place but this time there was a white guy sitting on the steps,
completely wasted out of his mind. I was trying to walk up the steps
but as I walked past him he tried to grab my leg but I slipped out and
ran up the stairs, flipping out of course. We had a wonderful lesson
with this lady and her beautiful kids, but when we came back out I was
scared out of my mind that we were gonna die. There were like 7 huge
black guys talking about their drug deals and we seriously jogged to
our car (I think they didn't see us cause it was dark). We locked the
doors and peeled outta there. Needless to say we are NEVER going back

Thursday we took a sister in the branch to do baptisms for the first
time. Can't believe that's my 7th time going to the temple in 4
months. I'm super lucky. I was the team leader this time cause the
elders had never taken the ferry and you'd be surprised that most of
the people here in Rockaway have NO idea how to get around Manhattan.
I might have a pretty big head right now cause I got us to Manhattan
on the ferry, through the subway, and then walked to the temple
without getting lost! Never thought that day would come haha. It was a
beautiful day and such a good trip. The sister loved the temple and we
are going to get her in the temple class so she can prepare to go
back. That night we went and saw a sister in the branch. She and her 3
girls are the most hysterical thing I have seen in my life. They just
trash talked each other all day long. We seriously recorded them
talked because it's so funny. Oh and she made us the greatest dinner

Friday we taught Dia again. She wasn't sure about Joseph Smith being a
prophet but luckily I (and by "I" I mean the spirit) told her to read
Alma 32 the last time we came, so she had read that and then we read
through Joseph Smith History with her and she was able to be
interviewed that night and she answered positively to all the
questions! Sister Cox and I started dancing in the pad, it is our
first person to go all the way from being found to being baptized! And
we freakin love Dia so obviously we were so happy. On Saturday we did
a stake day of service cleaning up around Rockaway so that was good.
I'm sure you saw all the ugly pictures on Facebook with my hair in my
face...story of my life.

Sunday was so awesome! Church was great, we taught gospel principals
and had a really great discussion. Last night was Dia's baptism! It
was seriously so perfect, it was on the beach at sunset and the water
was like glass. Too bad the elders didn't know there were jelly fish
on the ocean floor, Elder Jensen's face was straight money...not sure
if he got bit or what but it was stinkin funny. A lot of the branch
showed up to support her and that was amazing. So basically I love my
life and I am so grateful for the gospel, it is helping these people
so much and it's helping me so much too. Cross your fingers we don't
get any transfer/training calls this week!
Love ya all,
Sister Wadsworth

1. On the way to Manhattan on the ferry!
2. The one. The only. Sister wadsworth.  ...totally unplanned
3. Outside Francis's house wearing Steve's hoodie cause it all the
sudden got chilly.
4. Us with Shai (shy) ...wearing the dress Francis gave me from the 40s.
5&6.  Dia's Baptism!


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