Monday, September 8, 2014

From the 718, with love

What up fam! This week has been soooo great, I love it more here every
day. When I first came on a mission it was probably my worst fear that
I would end up with a horrible companion. I've discovered that the
only thing that's as bad as that is ending up with a companion you are
best friends with, because it's so hard to not feel like you're in
normal life with your best friend. Sister Cox and I laugh constantly
and something is always funny. I can't even deal with her sarcasm
sometimes. Some of the stuff she says and does just straight slays me.
It makes the work fun and we find incredible happiness in teaching the
gospel together #blessings.

We have had so much success this week, The Lord has prepared so many
people to hear the message we have. We found 5 new investigators in 2
hours on the way to our lessons. One lady told us she had prayed to
God that angels would come and talk to her cause she was lonely and
she needed help raking her leaves and we came walking down the street!
Whoever said people in New York are rude didn't know what they were
taking about (unless they're driving, then they can get pretty messy).
I love the people here, they are the sweetest things ever! Oh except
for our Branch Presidents wife. We were at her house and I made a fat
kid joke and she looks at me and is like "it's okay you're only a
little chubby." Well I guess it's time to hit the gym kids. But the
best part was that she started telling me that no one would marry me
because I'm not fat ENOUGH. Lady. You're scarin me. She told us about
how if you wanna get married in Africa they put you in a "fat room"
for 6 months, they give you massages and feed you food and you just
sit there for 6 months and then after that you are ready to get
married cause you're squishy enough. Someone should tell that fat room
to go die.

We had exchanges...if you wanna know how to rip my heart out just take
Sister Cox away for a day. I seriously missed her, but with every
exchange comes a miracle, a traffic violation, and getting hit on so
it was a good day. We have had so many good experiences with our
members lately! We have two members that are seriously just straight
money when it comes to taking them to lessons. I am excited to be that
person for the missionaries when I get home. We had a mega-zone
conference on Thursday and we met with President Calderwood and
President Glass, our stake president. We talked about ways to hasten
the work. President Calderwood said that "every member should be a
missionary and every missionary should be a member." Sister Cox and I
have been given like 3 callings in the branch and we are kinda
supposed to be members and missionaries. We are supposed to visit
teach all the ladies in the branch and teach Sunday school and help
with relief society, plus meet all our goals as a district and zone so
it seems like a lot but I know that as we unite with the members we
will move the work forward faster and more effectively. I would
encourage all you members to reach out to the less-actives and
investigators and fellowship them. It is our responsibility to bring
everyone back to our Heavenly Father and we do that as we help them
participate in the ordinances of baptism and partaking of the
sacrament. I was reading a talk by the presiding bishop and he said
that "In our family we have an ancestor who joined the Church in
Europe in the early days of the Church. One son became inactive.
Sister Edgley and I have attempted to track the inactive descendants
of this ancestor. It was easy for my wife and me to conclude that
during the following six generations and with reasonable assumptions,
there could be a loss of up to 3,000 family members. Now project two
more generations. The loss could theoretically approach 20,000 to
30,000 of our Heavenly Father’s children." I just think of that
scripture that says "remember, the worth of souls is great in the
sight of God." Each person is so important in God's eyes, and they
should be in our eyes as well. I'm so grateful for the people here and
for their humility to listen to our message.

Church was the ultimate miracle, we had 80 people! Last week we had
like 60 so that was a huge jump, and 9 of our investigators came! And
they loved it, and fellowshipped each other, and cried, and left
feeling more was just the happiest day of my life. Sister
Cox and I taught gospel principals. Every time that girl opens her
mouth I just want to bow down to her. She has the firmest testimony I
have ever seen, especially in a 19-year-old, and she teaches with
clarity and power. I feel like an idiot when we teach together cause
I'm all over the place cause I get really excited about the gospel,
and she is just calm, collected, and ready to move mountains. It was
seriously the best Sunday of my life.

On a lighter note, I got super tired of my hair so I went in the
bathroom and cut it. Probs not the best idea. You can't tell though so
I got over it real quick. And we got asked if we were actual sisters
so that was pretty great. And no one has called me a nun in like a
month so I'm pretty much super stoked on life right now. It's super
hot here, like disgustingly hot with the humidity, so we are kinda
excited for fall. Somebody in town saw a shark on the beach the other
day so that was fun. We are supposed to go the temple on 9/11 so if I
get killed or something while we're in Manhattan I'm sorry mom. Hope
you all have a great week, I love "yous guys!" (Brooklyn expression,
totally grammatically incorrect and redundant)

Sister Wadsworth

1. Cox&Wads❤️
2. District beach workout..our Saturday tradish
3. Me and presh
4. Mixing up some quick set for the tile @ Friends of Rockaway
5. On our way to Rego Park stuck in traffic...not impressed
6. District pic at the zone thing


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