Monday, July 28, 2014

Caterpillars for Days & Happy Birthday Sariah! :)

Yay for life! I just love the mission, but if I said the mission is
changing me I'd be a dang liar. The gospel of Jesus Christ is changing
my life little by little and then sometimes it's big things, but I am
loving the growth that I am able to experience in myself and see in
our investigators. I can't really call them by name or give details
but I just have to say we have had such amazing experiences teaching
this week and their growth is truly amazing to me. Sometimes I wonder
if I would have been open to the gospel if I hadn't been born into it,
so I watch in awe is these people accept it so freely and take
everything I say as fact. Their faith is incredible and they are such
examples to me.

Our investigators have this really skewed view of sister missionaries
haha. They think we're perfect..always happy, never have a bad day,
and know the gospel like we know our nail polish collection. Hah I
hope they just keep thinking that. This lady asked if we got our nails
done each week cause they always look so good. I'm just like *cough*
weekly planning *cough* glad people think we're put together cause
it's been 2 months and I already don't care what I wear anymore and my
hair is turning gray. Okay I'm kidding guys.

So let's see last Monday we went to a Brooklyn Cyclones baseball game
on Coney Island for P-day cause a guy in the branch gave us tickets.
It was so fun but it was a million degrees and we were in proselyting
clothes so that was fun. We left after the 6th inning and beach bummed
the rest of the P-day...sorry not sorry. We had a really good lesson
with a less-active lady and her non-member husband, they have the most
adorable family of my life, twins 7 months old. Can I just babysit for
my mission? We shared the Mormon message "Choose This Day" ...super
powerful, watch if ya get a chance.

Wednesday, our blessed service day was just so great. I didn't know
there was such a thing as mold poisoning before the mish but that is a
very real thing people. Folks die from that filth so watch out for it.
We helped this lady...her mom is a hoarder but we didn't have to worry
about that this week cause we were outside. With the spiders. And in
the basement, with the mold. It wasn't as bad as the secret garden
incident but it was getting up there on the sketchiness scale. Oh and
I was the ref for volleyball this week! Dude nobody here knows I'm
homeschooled it's like I have a double life they think I'm so normal
it's just awesome. I'M KIDDING GUYS LAUGH.

They held a special Sisters Conference on Thursday, it was so great
but there were just so many females there I could barely handle it. My
favorite workshop was by President, he talked about how the gospel
isn't horizontal where we go from one step to the next, checking off
ordinances and such. It's a circle of faith, repentance, renewing our
covenants, and enduring to the end....the doctrine of Christ. A
thought I had was that enduring to the end isn't a "section" of that,
but a combination of the first 3 of the cycle that helps us progress.
Can I just say I love the Calderwoods. Okay I'm done.

As far as foodsies we had some fried caterpillars and ants from
Guayana. So delish the crunch just slays me. My stomach is like a
battleground 34/7 forget about it. It was like pork n beans. And
caterpillars. I don't think I can ever eat beans again. Oh wait I did
the next day it's fine. Good thing I love creepy crawly things in my
mouth. I can still feel them in my stomach and the thought literally
slays me everytime. I just said slay twice in one paragraph I should
prolly calm down.

I had a great run-in with some JWs, they came to the door and were
trying to tell me about the bible and that I should study it. I was
like sista, I read for 2 hours a day forget about it. Then Cosmo and
Fox came and sat at the top of the stairs cause they missed me. The
ladies looked up and saw them and asked "oh, are those your kids?"
Strike two, the next person that takes me as a mother is gonna be very
sorry. It's hard looking like you're 30 guys. Then they showed this
depressing video about how Satan controls the world so I just bore my
testimony that the gospel of Jesus Christ can make our lives better
and then they figured something was up so they asked what I did and I
told them I was a missionary for the "Latta-day Saints" and the one
got super defensive and started asking me all these questions. Good
thing it was right after studies cause I was just armed with testimony
and fire and straight craze that the church is true so I bore my
testimony of the atonement and they kinda slunk back and then left. It
was a good thing though cause I was able to experience what others
might feel when I come into their house with a message, so I tried to
pick out things NOT to do when I proslyte. Bless their hearts.

Okay we had a great baptism on the beach! 3 girls we have been
teaching. It was beautiful..they are beautiful. I love kids and they
are so pure and sweet. We were the whole program too so that was
awesome lol go Belle Harbor Sisterssss! On the way home that night we
saw this MASSIVE street fight. A bunch of Africans and right when we
drove past this chick got straight decked in the face. That might be
just another day for normal people but I was staring hard core. Like
dude what the heck. We called the cops and they showed up and people
were goin bananas. There were like 50 teenagers there haha I was a tad
sketched out. We see the weirdest things here let me tell ya.

I was thinking a lot about prayer and I think that one of the greatest
uses of Facebook and Twitter will be to prove at the last day that
prayerlessness was not from lack of time. We can all pray..we all have
enough time, and we are all able to do that...but do we? What do we
use our time on instead of talking to God? I've been working on this
and I know that as we pray we will come closer to God.

Love ya all!
Sis Wadsworth

Pictures: 2 of our district, beach baptism with my girls,
caterpillars, and district meeting with my two favorite comps!

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