Monday, July 14, 2014

Dat Trio Life Doe

As is our tradition, Cosmo and I spent our last P-day as a
companionship at the beach getting burned. The tan lines are getting
outrageous, I'm super proud of them. Tuesday was TRANSFER
MEETINGGGGG!!!! We were so nervous, and I saw a side of Sis Myers that
I didn't know existed. She is a total nervous eater! A Wendy's trip
later we continued to the office in Rego Park to pick up our other
third. Ma you would be so proud, I led the music for the meeting. Too
bad I didn't realize that we sang the mission hymn and then called to
serve one after the other, so I just headed back to my seat after the
first one. Someone whispered really loudly "there's another song!" So
I turned around and went and led it too...uh awks homeschooled moment
of the day. Everyone got a good laugh out of it. The worst part was
that we have to sing Called to Serve in English and then Spanish, so
I'm like totes not prepared for the Spanish one and my iPad like
freaked out so I'm standing there mouthing the words, except I don't
know the words, so I was laughing in front of like a hundred
missionaries. Good thing I'm so good looking or I would have been
screwed. Hah why am I so funny.

BUT, we got our new companion! Her name is Sister Caroline Cox from
Harriman, UT! Oh my heck they should have not put us in a trio cause
it's way too fun. We all get along super well, she is chill and mature
so it's great. We got super lucky that's for sure. She's a tough girl
too, I dunno what all she's been through but she has a strong
testimony and we are so glad to have all 4 feet 11 inches of her. I'm
like a foot taller than both of them so I feel like mama bear with her
two little cubs. We are already killing it together, I thought it
couldn't get better than me and Cosmo, but IT JUST DID. #cug

So I got the Facebook this week. Please shoot me? If anyone asks you,
please tell them to try and not contact me on there. First cause it's
against the rules, second cause I was slightly freaked out when I got
on for the first time and people were blowing up the chat with is this
what missionaries do? Are you supposed to be on here? How are you?
What color are your nails? Like dude, please leave me alone!!! It's a
great tool though, some sisters in the mission actually helped a guy
get baptized in Saudi Arabia so that's cool. If we're ever on there
it's for an hour a day and we just try and testify and share the
gospel as much as we can. It's just another way that The Lord is
hastening His work which is thuper awesome. We are so busy here I
don't think I'lll be on it too much. But I'd totally encourage y'all
to use it to bring people to Christ.

There were the usual events this week, getting hit on, going in
sketchy places, going in cush places, getting attacked by dogs, yacht
parties...oh yeah about that. The elders got a call that some yacht
club in Broad Channel wanted to recognize the Mormons for their help
with Sandy. Well obviously we did nothing but we got to stand up in
front of everyone and be recognized for it, plus free food (holy fat
kid). Does anyone know what people in yacht clubs do cause the one in
Belle Harbor doesn't have any yachts at it so I just don't understand
why yacht clubs are a thing. We met some new people and saved the
elders from being hit on by some drunk girls, so it was successful. We
also got to help with the Wounded Warrior festivities so that was
cool. They've been going on all week and we know the people who are in
charge so that was fun. We get asked if we are nuns soooo much. I
guess I look like one? Sister Cox does, cause lets get real nuns are
short. Hah.

Definite highlight was teaching a lesson (an actual lesson!) to a lady
who we have been helping for a couple weeks now. We've been trying to
see her since I got here and in the last couple weeks everything has
fallen into place. She's been to church for the last two weeks and has
been reading her Book of Mormon. We went to teach her the restoration
on Saturday. She just soaked it in and accepted everything as fact. We
didn't even say anything to her about it, but she said "I need to stop
smoking, don't I?" Yes. Yes you do. I dunno why this happened but I
was telling her the first vision and I almost made it through it but I
straight up started crying. One of us always cries when we talk, it's
usually her. But this time all four of us were. I have such a love for
her and we have spent so much time with her and then finally getting
to share the gospel message was really amazing. And being able to
testify strengthens me so much. The lesson went so great, and I know
that no matter what we said wrong Heavenly Father made up for it. I
absolutely love this part of missionary work. I love everything about
it here. You'd think there'd be something negative, but I really don't
have anything. Except there's always sand in our tub from the beach.
And I can't decide which picture to put on the background of my iPad.
Rough mission eh. There are different struggles than people would
think, but The Lord helps with each and every one of them, so that
makes it great.

Another adorbs thing, so obviously I'm obsessed with kids, even more
so with little Hatian boys...I melt like butter on pancakes. There's a
little boy in the ward, we call him Mr President cause he is like the
smartest 4-year-old alive. He was sitting by me in church and he
points to me and says "beautiful!" And then does it to Sis Myers and
Sis Cox. Then he was sitting on the floor a couple minutes later when
all the sudden he just slaps my leg, like HARD and loud and yells "YOU
HAVE PRETTY LEGS!" Cosmo lost it and of course so did I, it was worse
than sitting across the table from Jesse at dinner. Like if I would
have had water in my mouth it would have been on the other side of the
room. He is just the cutest and oh. My. Gosh. His hair slays me it's
so perfect. Sorry I just realized I wrote a whole paragraph about my
man crush, I'll stop #sorrytravis.

This letter is sooooo long but I just have to say one more thing that
I learned this week. Heavenly Father has given us absolutely
everything we have. To use myself as an example I could say that I
gave up everything to go on a mission, a career, family, friends, my
cowboy, but that's dumb, because He gave me all of those things. The
only thing He doesn't have is our will and our heart. The greatest
thing we can do with our agency is to give it back to the God who gave
it to us. As soon as we align our will with Heavenly Father's our
lives become so much easier because we are doing what is right. I love
this gospel, this is God's true church on the earth!

Love ya all!
Sis Wads

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