Monday, July 21, 2014

This Week Though

Yay I have experienced my first flash flood! (Illiteration?) probably
nothing in comparison to BYUI hah I was driving in this rainstorm and
we drove down a street (one way of course) and there is like 5-6
inches of water. I'm seriously surprised we didn't start floating the
Subaru down the street..I ain't no wada walka I was seriously so
freaked out but Calvin pulled through and we made it home that night.
I need to find an umbrella cause this ain't no Nevada rain where it's
like sprinkles on a cake. It's like the cake got shoved into the
ocean...I feel like a wet dog all day eryday. It's either rain or
sweat so it's pretty classy and I look like a sweet spirit on a
regular basis. We were in a senior care home the other day when we
stepped into the elevator with one of the nurses. She looks at me "are
they yours?" ...gesturing to my baby bear companions. If I look like
I'm old enough to have two 19-year-old girls there is something wrong
in this world. Oh I just smiled and said yes, yes they're mine. So
proud of them! My babies...

We have had some interesting food..and other things...this week. We
had some plantain porridge one night, it's like plantains, ox tail on
the bone, spinach, and some other "stuff" made into this mush stuff.
Oh my heck you could eat that once a week and it's last ya that stuff
was crazy! Straight slays me. So we ate that at the branch president's
house (they're from Nigeria) and then we go to teach this ADORABLE
lady who just got baptized. She's just whipping up some fofo so she
like, oh seester you come try it seester! So I go to stir it, and
apparently I was doing it totally wrong but I didn't spill it so I
dunno why her cat was getting so chapped. Anyways I'm at the stove and
Cosmo and foxy coxy are looking on as I master the art of fofo
stirring. Wish they would have told me there was a cockroach crawling
up my leg but it's fine. Dude the
5-dinner-appointments-one-night-and-none-the-next schedule is throwing
off my Val flow of actually eating right. Miss that girl.

So trio life is like hanging with your bffs all day and then having a
giant slumber party in the mega bed. We can't be apart. EVER. So we
moved our mattresses right next to each other and there we are! Us and
the humongous spiders that keep biting us while we sleep. If they bite
me I can't tell but Sis Cox is allergic to whatever is grazing on us
cause she has these huge welts all over. Anyway we are all such good
friends. We finish each other's sentences in lessons and even when we
are planning stuff out or "oh we should text this person!" It's weird
how similar we think, but it's super convenient for our situation. We
can't go to the gym cause there are only 2 passes so the three of us
run the beach in the mornings. Oh actually correction, THEY run the
beach, I am always like 50 yards behind, who knew someone 4'11 could
run so fast??? Holy cow Sista Cox is a beast. Sometimes we plan
volleyball with the elders too so that's fun. We are super lucky to
live on the beach.

For service this week we finished up a house in Breezy Point so a
family can move in the next day. I painted the trim so you could
basically call me Bob Ross by now. We also helped Steve and Terry with
some yard work. So uh good thing I'm dating George Strait hah all the
members go stalk poor Travis when they add me on the Facebook and
they're like "your boyfriend is a movie star!...he looks like a
country album cover!" Yes. Yes he is. It ain't no big thang. Pretty
sure they don't even know what a country album cover is but I just go
with it?...oh my heck so one of the elder's investigators is kinda a
tough customer but he is so sweet and he comes to church every week.
He comes walking up to church yesterday moving his hand like it hurt.
Elder Izatt asked him if he hit a wall? "No, I hit a face." Oh okay
then. He kills me.

The spirit is channeling my lack of coordination into great things. We
were at volleyball and I hit the ball wayyyy out of the path I was
supposed landed smack dab on this guy's beer in hand. Spilled
the whole dang thing. Oops! Then yesterday we were walking into a
house and there was a beer on the railing...spilled that clean into a
garbage sack. Oops! That word of wisdom flow is just following Sister
Wadsworth everywhere she goes.

Something cool I learned this week is that our faith in Jesus Christ
is equal to our faith in ourselves. If we truly trust Him we have to
trust ourselves, because He has put that trust in us. He knows our
potential and has made it possible for us to become what we are meant
to be. I am so grateful for this gospel and the power it gives people
to change...this is a gospel of a million "second chances." I love
this quote from Elder Bednar: "Devoted discipleship is the best and
only answer to every question and challenge."

Love ya!
Sis Wads

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