Monday, August 3, 2015

In Bensonhurst, we use Combines

Happy Birthday Sariah!  :)

August 3, 2015

The work is hastening! The world and the church are becoming more and more separate in their standard, and the truly prepared people are drawn to the wonderful gospel we have. We aren't just hand-picking people here in Bensonhurst, we are inviting everyone (the combine method) and those who are prepared and getting baptized! Last week was a little crazy as far as emailing and I want to try and explain this place a bit better, cause it's seriously so great! Bensonhurst is in southern Brooklyn and it's the "old Italians" here. The people with actual Brooklyn accents who say wada instead of water. It's a bit classier than Midwood, not so many Haitians but more Russians, Ukrainians, and people from east Europe. The ward is predominately white people which is different than the other 3 units I have served in. A lot of transient, younger families who go to NYU and the like. We just got a new bishop last week and he is super great! Our ward mission leader is incredible, he is super pumped about the work and he helps us so much! There is one family I like a ton, the Arnalls who just moved here from AZ. They are ranchers too so it's great to talk to them. The wife, Emily, comes teaching with us a lot which is great. So that's the area. The work is a lot different now that we have this calling to help the other sisters. We went on 3 24-hour exchanges this week, I felt like I hardly got to see my cute companion! But it was so cool to get to know some of the other sisters, and get bitten by some strange beg bugs in another sister's bed haha. I have learned a lot from the other sisters and it's so cool how just talkeing to other people about your struggles can help. That's mostly why we're here I think, is to help the other sisters learn how to work through their problems.

I have to tell you about my companion, cause she's amazing at working through problems. She will identify a problem and will literally talk herself through it while I sit there and listen. It's kind of entertaining! After she's finished talking it through, I just say "well, looks like you just said your solution!" And then we move on! It's the funniest thing ever, she is so great. I can't believe we've only been together 2 weeks, it feels like it's been 2 years. She lets me cook for her too so that's a plus. Our District Leader is from Italy so today we are making pizza with all the missionaries in the B-Hurst. Pics to come haha. Oh Sis Anderson and I also have killer workouts together which is so fun! My last few comps haven't been to into the whole exercise things to it has been so fun to get up each morning and run! We did some kick-boxing this morning it was so funny to watch Sis A punch stuff. I'm obsessed with her. 

So this week was cool! I went with one of the ASL sisters to Manhattan for the day and we taught some people in ASL! It was so cool, I can say a few things so I bore my testimony and it was the coolest thing to sit there and watch a new missionary handle a lesson all by herself in a language she hardly knows! I am so impressed with the new missions that come in. They are so prepared and ready. The other two exchanges I stayed in Bensonhurst and tried to find my way around like a newb haha it was fun. Remember the family we walked in on last week during their fight? #awkward but we went back to teach them last night and they are amazing! We had such a cool lesson and they were asking all the golden investigator questions so we are so pumped! We also had a lot of investigators at church! We are teaching 3 really cool ladies right now. One of them said she was going to go drink on Saturday night so she was with her friends and they were all totally judging her for not drinking but she knew if she had some she wouldn't be able to make it to church so she came home early, sober, and made it to church yesterday! People are so cool. When they grasp hold of the thought that they can change they really go for it! We taught gospel principals yesterday and it was on gifts of the spirit but there were so many investigators there it turned into a sort of Q&A session and it was SO GOOD!! Haha one of the investigators made the comment that he used to smoke weed and that's how he found Jesus. I and one of the other investigators seriously burst out laughing it was so funny! Like, sorry but hats seriously hysterical. Satan definitely uses counterfeits for all the good things that come from God. 

Mans I don't even know what spiritual thought to share from this past week, Sis A and I have so many good discussions I can't even remember any of them now, but I was really impressed by a young missionary who has been out for only a month or so. She told me about how she fasted and as she fasted she wrote down a list of things she needed to give up/work on and then every day for 40 days she would pray about the things on the list as she worked on them. I thought that was so cool! This young missionary already seeing the need to improve and then  DOING IT!! I've been reading a lot about consecrating ourselves to the work; giving to the Lord the one thing that isn't already His: our heart and mind. I know as we try to do the Lord's will we will be happier people. I am so grateful for the restored gospel. 
Love you all! 
Sister Wadsworth

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2. Birthday cheesecake from Val <3 
3. Steve and Terry had flowers sent to our pad!!
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