Thursday, January 29, 2015

Wadsworth & Batsuuri: How Farm a Foundation

Dear Fam!

I can't NOT start this off with the most hilarious thing ever. So I finally gave in and let my companion start using the phone. Up to this point I had been pretty protective because I let her text once when she first got here and she totally screwed it up cause she doesn't do the whole English language thing quite yet. Might have offended some people haha. Well I told her to text a member and say we were on our way so she texts her: "we're almost there! ):" I looked at the text and was like, why did you put that? She's like "smiley face?" No honey, that was a frowny face, it means your sad. We laughed for like ten minutes, and then laughed some more with the member when we got to her house and explained. I seriously can't handle it. Sometimes it is so hysterically annoying how easily we misunderstand each other. We both know we don't mean to offend by anything we say to the other but sometimes I forget she isn't like us and say something sassy and she gets all defensive, or she'll tell me I need to wear more make up and I get my feathers ruffled. What is it with Asians and paint? I'm a spring chicken I don't need makeup! Haha. Anyway it is going great and we had an awesome week!

On Monday we went and saw a girl who is leaving on her mission next week, she knows G dog and Big Dude cause she was in their ward at BYUI...her family was so sweet! It was weird to be in a family setting again. Her mama taught me how to make papa a la huancaina, this Peruvian sauce that is seriously to die for! I can't wait to make you all these new things I'm learning, they are so great! One of the elders from the Dominican Republic taught me how to make these KILLER tacos. Y'all are gonna get fat when I get back. 

Tuesday and Wednesday we had so many appointments! Plus our finding activities with our district and meetings and everything. We taught 5 lessons during prime time on Wednesday! I hate that saying "prime time." I feel like it makes it seem like the hours from 6-9 are the only ones in which you can be productive. All time is prime time! You seriously can't waste a second of your mission, or your life! There is so much to do! I sound like Trenton haha. Thursday we had a lesson in Jamaica with John. He is so cool! He is in the army and has gotten shot like 4 times, no big deal eh. He has such a strong testimony. I love being ale to see the spiritual side of people in lessons. I feel like in regular life we always see the funny or the quirky or the serious. It's cool to take time to see what people believe, and why they do what they do and live a certain way. People are honestly fascinating.

Friday we had an exchange with the STLs. We taught some lessons and got ready for JeongAh's baptism. I made chocolate eclair dessert..yesssss. Why is this whole email about food? Oh probs cause we haven't eaten today. Whatever. We went to FHE and they did make-it-yourself pizzas (food again. Oops.) Saturday we tried to do service with Dave. It snowed so Sister Lugo and I went to Dunkin Doughnuts and did online proselyting instead. Best decision ever. We did some other preparations for the baptism and went and saw a member. The baptism was sooooo good! The spirit was so strong and after JeongAh got out of the water she turned around to the guy who baptized her and held out her arms and they both got back in the font and gave each other a hug. It was so presh, it meant so much to her and she felt so good. I love baptisms because it's a time for us to reflect on the covenants we made with God and the good feeling we have when we repent. I gave a talk about the Holy Ghost and Sister Batsuuri gave one about baptism. The Director of the company JeongAh and Min work for came! He was looking at the font afterwards and so I started talking to him and basically taught him the restoration and Plan of Salvation in 10 minutes and then gave him a Book of Mormon. He was extremely grateful and I think he could really feel the spirit. 

I have such a strong belief and conversion to the Book of Mormon. One of our investigators wants to read it through before he makes a decision about baptism. We talked to him about real intent and I was so straight up with him, I told him if he reads it for intellectual or scientific reasons that's what he'll get out of it. If he reads it to get closer to Christ he will get closer to Christ. Reading the Book of Mormon for intellectual reasons is like trying to measure gravity with a measuring cup. It can't be done because we aren't using the right tools. We must listen to this gospel with our hearts, not our intellect (although it does require that to make a decision if it is true). I feel like there is such great harm in relying on the "arm of the flesh." I trust God so much more than I'd ever trust a scientist. I know that that book and this church are truer than anything else on earth, and if we put our all into this church it will give us all the blessings we need in return--and then some. I am so grateful to be a part of the hastening of the Lord's work, this is a marvelous time to be alive and especially to be a missionary. This is the greatest privilege I have ever had. 

Love you all, thanks so much for your love and support, I couldn't do it without you. 
Sister Wadsworth

1. Don't tell president, but this is my boyfriend on the mission. WHY ARE KIDS SO CUTE.
2. Doin some chalk art in the park! Love Sister Grass, she's the best!
3. Jamaica Ave at Sunset.

4. Freezing to death!

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