Monday, January 12, 2015

Remember when I thought Rexburg was cold?

This has been the longest week of my life! Not in a bad way, but we just had so many things happen! We didn't really have a p-day, since we have a car we took 3 sets of missionaries to Costco (separately)...I'm actually tired of being in Costco at the moment. We also took a member to the hospital cause she broke her leg. Ok that's something I have a problem with as far as city life. Most people don't have cars and NOBODY has a truck. How do you live? What if you bought a couch and you can't just put it in the back of your truck and take it home? I'll tell ya, you have to pay $100 for them to deliver it to your house that's 2 blocks away. I think that's RIDICLOUS! People pay so much to live here and none of them are even that happy. Haha

Tuesday it snowed for real, and again on Friday, so we have been shoveling for about 2 hours a day. I seriously love it. Other than the fact that you freeze to death no matter how many layers you put on, it just feels so good to do actual work for once. I've made chicken noodle soup for like 7 different people this week cause everyone is sick. Oh my I have a funny story! So my comps favorite is octopus soup, and ain't nobody got time for the way that stuff smells when she cooks it. So I made chicken noodle soup for her...I'm just sayin I pretty much outdid was really good. Well she LOVED it. She loved it even more than octopus soup. I am slowly converting her to American food and she is cooking fewer and fewer things that make me throw up when I smell them. She also gave me this Asian facial cause she was like "sister, your skin looks really bad." So she rubbed the heck out of my face for like an hour and then she was like "there, now I can stand to look at you." It was hysterical. She is really straightforward, the other day she called one of the elders fat and I was like "you probably shouldn't say that." But haha I guess it's not offensive in her culture. 

So Thursday night was probably the worst night of my life. My stomach is having problems still and so I couldn't sleep. At 11 I finally decided to eat or drink something so I could hopefully sleep. I went into the kitchen and turned on the light and there were literally 15 cockroaches in the sink and other ones walking all over the counters. Insta-gag. I sprayed the heck out of them and obviously lost the appetite I never had in the first place. Which was good cause my comp liked the chicken noodle soup so much that she ate all of it so there wasn't any left anyway.  I got back in bed and just felt itchy all night and might have cried myself to sleep. I love our pad. So one of the girls on the MTC told me that you burn more calories when you're cold...awesome! The guys never came to cover our AC units so we are still freezing away! For studies we huddle up to the heater decked out in all our winter gear. It's nice though cause when we got outside we don't even bat an eye cause we're used to it! Canada is gonna be a can of corn after this. 

Backtracking to Elder Hartley's palm-reading experience a few weeks back, the exterminator came to kill our cockroaches and he saw a pic of me and Travis on the fridge and was like "your husband?" I was like sure, why not. Give or take a few years. He looks at me and says "he is a very good man, he will make a good living and you will be very wealthy" I was like how do ya figure? Apparently this fool had studied psychology and knows people by looking at their face. He prolly should have stuck with psychology cause we still got cockroaches comin out the walls. 

Hardly anyone wanted to meet with us cause it's so cold, but somehow we got 3 solid new people to teach! They even came to church! We did have some awesome lessons..we talked to Neil about the temple and he is SO excited to go. We also had a new feller from Florida move in (Melissa Hartley knows him!) and he is excited to go back to the temple and do some family names! We are so blessed to be serving in this branch. Even though the living situation kinda blows it is more than worth it to be able to know these awesome people! I love them so much and they teach me more than I feel like I teach them! Also I can't believe how fast the time is going! It's already been 8 months! :( it's going by too fast. I love being a missionary SO much! 

I have been thinking a lot about why I KNOW this church is the only true church. We have an investigator who is really "scientific" and likes to "prove" things to us. He is so unhappy though! He doesn't know where truth comes from. It doesn't come from the Internet, and even if science can prove something that honestly means nothing to me. My faith is in God and His word, but it is manifest in the RESULTS of living the gospel. I know the church is true because of the way I feel. I am happy, peaceful and hopeful. This young man has none of those emotions because he refuses to act on what we teach. The worst part is I'm just a homeschooled girl from Nevada but he will trap himself in his words and realize that what I said was right all along... Not that I'm smart by any means but because I only testify that what I know is true, and it really is TRUE. I wish more people would go to God and His prophets as their source of finding truth, He(they)will never lead us astray. 

I love this gospel and the reason it is so important to live it is so we can all be together forever! I love you all, you're the most awesome family a person could ask for. Have a great week!

Sister Wadsworth 

1&2: tryna get on their level and be Asian...#forevesaskwatch 
3: one of our 3 Costco trips..I love these girls!
4: most awkward picture ever taken but it snowed so who cares.

5: the other sisters in our district. I'm basically the mom. Yep.

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