Sunday, January 25, 2015

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Dear Fam:
You're probably tired of me saying that every week was the best week yet, but that's just how it pans out. No matter what hardships we go through it is always satisfying to look back at all the wonderful things that happened, and there were a lot this week! 

Friday morning I was reading in my actual scriptures instead of on my iPad and for some reason I was looking at the maps. Random right? I looked at them for probably 10 minutes, and I honestly didn't know why I felt like I should. That afternoon we set up a table with free materials to give out to people. This one guy bashed us so hard but we just stood there and smiled. He made such a fool of himself, saying quite a few things about our church that weren't true, but he would NOT be interrupted. It's funny because most Christians believe that all you have to do is believe to be saved, so technically (by their standards) Mormons will make it to heaven #terrestialkingdom. ANYWAY. This one guy came up and was actually friendly! I invited him to church and he said he would come if I could guess where he was from. I blurted out Lebanon because for some reason that had stuck out to me from my study of the maps that morning. Haha. He looked at me utterly shocked..."how did you know?" He asked. Anyway he is coming to church on Sunday. 

Tuesday we did another singing-on-the-train gig and I didn't loose my comp this time! I talked to a lot of different people, and on one train people actually clapped! Elder Turley brought his guitar and we would sing 2 verses of "Nearer My God to Thee" harmonizing it. Our district is pretty talented guys. It's actually so fun. Where I first got here I would sing without moving my mouth cause obviously if you sing people look at you and it's so awk when everyone is staring at you. But you get over it and talk to people and it is so great. If you're ever grumpy just talk to someone, it will change your attitude almost immediately! 

Wednesday we had a meeting all day for new missionaries and their trainers. I got to sit by my trainer, and now that I am training I appreciate her so much more. She was just a wonderful friend to me, and that's what I needed when I first got here. God always knows what we need better than we do. Macy, my girl from Canada, took us out to Chinese BBQ and after we ate this lady fearlessed US and we got her info cause she wants to come to church! And then at institute one of the guys that a member has been bringing came up to me and we had a really good talk and he wants to start the discussions! Cha Chang! Members are the keyyyy to missionary work. We can't do anything without them. 

Thursday was weekly planning of course, and some less-active lookups (there are always lookups, every day) and we had transfer interviews with President. After interviews we went to Erica's house. She thinks she's gonna marry big dude cause she saw the family pic on FB, if you knew her it would be way more funny. Mostly cause she wears 10-inch heels all the time and the thought of her on the farm just kills me it's so funny. Her and this other girl fight over whose gonna marry big dude everytime they are around me. They're always like "who would you rather have as your sister-in-law?" Haha don't make a black girl jealous, it ain't pretty. But she is a good missionary and she is trying to get her Jewish friend to come to church! Then we went to Zarahemla's (Zara) house for dinner. They are from the Philippeans so whenever we go over I think of Big Dude. And half the guys in the branch served in Brazil so that reminds me of G-Dog. Basically everything reminds me of my awesome family cause I'm obsessed with them. It's fine. 

The most exciting thing from our weekend is that JeongAh decided to get baptized here before she moves back to South Korea!!! We had the most amazing lesson with her, and the spirit was so strong. I absolutely love her as well as Min, the girl who introduced her to the church and to us. It doesn't matter if I never see them again in this life, I will always feel that they are some of my closest friends. Her baptism will be this Saturday(: 

I have lots to tell you as far as gospel topics this week. I have been studying "hope" because sometimes we get so wrapped up in faith and charity that we forget that the 3 are all divinely connected. I was looking at the opposites of the three: fear, discouragement, and selfishness, and the way I see it if we use the 3 attributes interchangeably we can conquer those three negative qualities, thus enabling us to have faith, hope, and charity. Faith conquers discouragement (PMG 10), perfect love (charity) casteth out fear (Mor. 8:16), and hope makes an anchor to the souls of men, making us "sure and steadfast, always abounding in good works" (Ether 12:4) enabling us to be selfless, not selfish. I know that these 3 things are connected for a reason, and that is to help us be successful and happy in life. Something else I have been thinking about it that our reality is so relative. We see ourselves in a certain way because we can only see where we have been and where we are now. God, however, is from all eternity to all eternity. He sees us as we were, are, and can become all at the same time. He knows our potential and he knows our past transgressions. He also knows we will overcome the things we are going through. Whenever you have doubt about your abilities, TRUST GOD. Because when we trust him we gain trust in ourselves. Our level of faith in Jesus Christ is equal to the level of faith we have in ourself. If you struggle with self-esteem, strengthen your faith in Christ and you will see a positive difference. 

Thank you for your support and love, I am so grateful for such a wonderful family and for the gospel to bind us together for eternity. I'm so proud of Brent!!! He will make such an amazing missionary. I love you all!
Sister Wadsworth

So the week went by really fast and I just realized I only took a few pictures, but here they are!:
1. Our sister training leaders come over for dinner every Sunday so that I have an excuse to cook haha
2. Took a nice little selfie since I forgot to take pictures. Lucky you eh.
3. We went to a Korean cultural thing with Min and JeongAh, it was the weirdest thing of my life. I don't understand Asians ...not even a little. 
4. Had to take a celebration photo because JeongAh said YES to being baptized! 

5. Happy birthday to Elder Hartley!!! And of course Rebekah but you already know what she looks like...#hotmama

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