Wednesday, November 26, 2014

"They died with their name tags on"

Obvi we're still alive but basically we froze to death this week and we also worked really hard, so if anyone asks, we died with our name tags ON! 

This week was an incredible learning experience as well as a spiritual highlight of my mission so far. A lot of things led up to this experience but I'll give you a summary. If you read in Genesis 24 it is the story of Abraham's servant going to find a wife for Jacob. Basically the servant made a contract (through prayer) with God that he would do certain things, and he would (and could) expect the Lord to help him out in certain ways and provide things..(like a single woman lol). So the servant is working and is trusting that God will make up the rest. Anyway, applying that to us, we haven't had much success finding lately...or apparently EVER in the YSA. You can't knock all of Queens because what do you do when they're all families? Walk away? I dunno it gets awkward. All our investies are found through...uh...miracles. Well President expects each companionship to baptize 2 people before the end of the year and its president, so you can't exactly let him down. So we decided to try what the servant did and make a contract with God that if we were as obedient as we possibly could be and worked our very hardest, he would help us find someone.  We had to be specific, so we found someone in the area book who was a former investigator that we felt like could be interested. We said a very specific prayer and decided on a time to go see her the next day. We got a member, and we drove to her house. A half hour later we arrived and of course it was like -57 million degrees and we walked around for about 20 minutes (seemed like hours) going to every apartment in the complex before finding where she lived which was right by where we parked..awko-taco. The poor girl who came with us. If she had any desire to go on a mission we probably blew that candle out. ANYWAY. We finally found it and rang her bell. No answer. Well we had to do everything on our side of the contract, so I was gonna ring bells until someone opened the outside door. We got buzzed in and a lady opened her door. As soon as she saw us she got this terrified look on her face like we were monsters and slammed her door. Good thing it wasn't the girl we were looking for. Well we rang our person's bell and she wasn't home so we left a note telling her to call us. She didn't. Hey maybe she will! But most likely we were barking up the wrong tree. But we were going to do EVERYTHING to find the person we need to baptize. We called/texted every single person on our list of former or potentials. As we sat on the floor during weekly planning we seriously didn't know what to do. Then the phone rang. It was Daniel, and he wanted to know when we could meet! As in, the next day! He was a former investigator and had gone to Ecuador for 4 months and just got back last week and said that us calling was a sign that God wanted him to join the church... basically, we can't expect the Lord to answer our prayers unless we do our part! It was an incredible experience and He really is working with us to hasten His work. 

Another cool thing was being able to go to the temple for my 6-month mark. When we first got here they had us write down vision, goals, and plans for our mission. I was reading through mine and basically everything I had written down then is everything that I feel like I struggle with now. I don't think that was a coincidence. Although I could honestly say I have seen improvement in the areas I had listed, I think God knew I needed that extra push right now to be a little better and to try a little harder. The temple was an awesome experience. We really take it for granted back home cause it's so close and we always CAN go. But not being able to go for 6 months (for a session, I've been for baptisms 9 times now), the excitement that built up was incredible, and I put a lot more thought into preparing to go there and had questions that needed to be answered...and they were. Temples really are an expression of God's love for His children. 

Some housekeeping items...
Our AC units are screwed into the window so we can't take them out...but the cold air can still come in so we put on 5 layers of clothes and turn on the heating pads in hopes we don't freeze to our death. I started wearing my nametag to bed so that they'll know I'm a missionary when they find me dead. Guys I'm kidding. I've had some good cockroach kills this week. Yep that's about it for the housing situation. 

Neil is doing awesome, he started writing down all the spiritual impressions he has, and we didn't even suggest that to him! He says he's doing it so when times get tough he can remember Gods hand in his life...IS THIS GUY FOR REAL?? I literally cannot tell you everything he says that is just so perfect for an investigator to say...where are the hidden cameras? If I didn't come to Queens YSA for any other reason, it was to meet him and learn from him. He has taught me so much about the person God wants us to be. He really lives what he believes. And he listens to country music so um...yeah. On Friday we had a YSA thanksgiving dinner...I seriously love this branch! The people are so kind and friendly. They don't ask us if we're nuns. One of the girls told me I had "nice kickers" (shoes). Anyway I don't want to leave here anytime soon. I shouldn't have said that now I'll get transferred. K I'll just stop. 

I know it's better to have an attitude of being grateful, but if I could pick one thing that I'm the most grateful for it would be my cute family, and especially my parents. The more I see how other people live, the more I appreciate our lifestyle. We went and saw one of the ladies from the family ward cause she wanted to visit with us, and they live in an attic. They have one bedroom and share the kitchen and bathroom with some random guy. They have a tiny fridge with just a little food, and I honestly don't know where they keep clothes or anything because they don't have any dressers. But they are the sweetest people. They are kind and will give you everything they have to give. It reminds me of you Ma and Pa, you guys give everything you have to others, especially your precious time. Thank you for you example. Whenever I start to feel sad that I won't get to see all the fam at thanksgiving I remember that I've already had 20 wonderful thanksgivings and I'll have the rest of my life with my family, and I am so grateful to be able to be serving the Lord THIS Thanksgiving. Being on a mission is such an opportunity and a blessing, and I am so happy to be here! I love you all. Sister Wadsworth

1. I know I basically forwarded this pic to half the earth last week but I think it's so hilarious..good old Si Robertson. And Elder Hartley is lookin pretty fine too..
2. Shopping last P-day at the Queens Center mall, I LOVE CHRISTMAS.
3 & 4. 6-month temple trip with Sister Peterson, she was here with Sister Joseph before I got here. 
5. Oh Sister Joseph...this is how we feel about no heating in the apartment😾

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