Monday, November 3, 2014

NY is a cold place...literally.

I don't usually like to get all sister mish on the first sentence but this gospel is so important to me! I cannot imagine what life would be like without it. I've been thinking a lot about the talk from general conference where he asked how you would feel if you had a personal interview with the Savior right now...obviously most of us wouldn't be ready for that. But there are a lot of things we can do to feel more ready as well as more comfortable in our Savior's eyes. Sister Joseph gave an excellent workshop on humility in District Meeting and I loved one question she used from Preach My Gospel, How can we recognize pride in ourselves? I have noticed that whenever I have feelings of anger, frustration, or annoyance they are usually a result of pride or selfishness. In other words, as we strip ourselves of pride, we become happier people. It's something I'm working on and would encourage you to think about that question as well, it's helped me a lot in this last week to realize my weakness and rely on the Savior more. 

Well, it's week 5 of the transfer so of course DEEP CLEAN!! And I thought I got out of clean checks when I graduated... At least North Gate didn't have cockroaches. I completely gutted the kitchen and found a million of them, so of course I sprayed them. Oh awk we had to leave the apartment because we were inhaling stuff that wasn't good for us haha. Anyway I got the place pretty spotless and was making some fajitas for dinner when a huge one crawls across the counter. I give up. Jk I pulled out my .22 and shot the sucker. I WISH. 

Oh so we did a flash mob on the subway. We just wore normal clothes and one of us would start singing and the rest would join in as the song went on. People liked the song but they didn't like us. Or me at least haha I get rejected every time I try and talk to someone on a train, no matter how persistent I am. It's usually funny so it's fine haha. They have asked us to attend institute so we go on Tuesday and Wednesday nights with the YSA, it's so fun I feel like I'm in college again except I can't get distracted by Pinterest now so I actually learn stuff! So glad I am learning how to study finally...would have been nice to know 3 years ago before I flunked out of college. 

Oh my goodness so we are in institute and we were talking about people in church history who apostatized like Symond Ryder cause they spelled his name wrong in a revelation (and later on his gravestone hah sucker). But it got me to thinking that they probably didn't leave the church because of that one thing, but that they probably let little things that bothered them build up and those "reasons" why they left the church were just the last straw. It is part of using the atonement that we continually fix things in our lives that are broken or unfair. If we let them build up they almost always end in tragedy, whether physical or spiritual. It reminded me of a speaker in the MTC, he said that his faith wasn't in people, he said even if the prophet fell away it wouldn't change his commitment or belief.  Another person who was converted by a miracle left the church and I couldn't help but thinking that he probably wasn't every really converted. We receive our testimonies by the spirit testifying to our hearts, not by "proof" that these things are true. If you want to know if the church is true, don't go around looking for this or that, simply pray about it. He will give you an answer. 

So this actually happened. The social drinker who broke my heart last week? Turns out the elders went over and she told them she doesn't like me because I was too bold with her. Oops. I told her she needed to choose between God and drinking and she didn't like that. Dude when your salvation is on the line I'm not gonna beat around the bush. Either you love God and are willing to obey the commandments or not. But anyway I'm trying to be a bit nicer and not so sassy to the investies. Can't remember if I told you about Nicole from last week but she came to church and is set to get baptized into the YSA on the 22nd! Also we got a referral from the Idaho Falls Visitors Center for another guy from Nepal and he will be getting baptized the same day as well! His story was incredible, he was atheist and was visiting Yellowstone and he found a Book of Mormon in the hotel room. He googled it and the IF visitors center was across the street! He went and visited it and started reading the Book of Mormon. The sisters there told him he had to stop drinking and smoking so he could get baptized. He threw away all that stuff, he said he started dressing more "respectable" so that people would know he was a good person. He has completely changed his life before we even met him! He is seriously the coolest thing ever. Oh we also had a less active break up with us over the pulpit in testimony meeting. The stake president had to tell him to sit down. I played the organ for sacrament meeting and I guess I messed up a song so this guy from the branch posted about it all up in my Facebook. Can someone please throw away Facebook and break my iPad? More trouble than it's worth. THE DRAMA. Whatever. The church is true.

I really love it here and I don't want to be transferred, but then again I didn't want to be transferred from the Harbor either so I know it'll be great whatever happens. Mostly I just know that all my stuff won't fit in my suitcases anymore because of winter clothes #sistermishproblems. Which, by the way, it is SO COLD here. Rexburg was a can of corn compared to this temperature. Anyway I better get lost, if you didn't watch the CES Fireside you should probably go watch it, it was the greatest thing ever. I am so grateful for the opportunity to be here, it is the coolest thing of my life. 

Love you guys! 
Sister Wads

1. Our district
2. During the flash mob..still trying to learn how to speak Spanish from these goofballs
3. Some NYC livin' 
4. Recent convert who is moving to the Netherlands...sad to see him go :(

5. We did service in the rain on Saturday and I came home and my toes were white and swollen and I couldn't feel them. It went away by that night but I could hardly walk all day haha is that what it feels like to be preggers?

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