Monday, December 1, 2014

Happy Thanksgiving!

On Monday we taught Neil cause we always teach him on Mondays. It was such an amazing lesson. He said a prayer at the end and he was like: "dear God my only regret is that I didn't know you sooner." It was so precious I seriously couldn't handle it. I feel like it's such a privilege to teach someone so pure because of the things I learn during our lessons with him. After that we drove to a less-active's house. Because of traffic it took 2 hours...she wasn't there. It's things like that that sometimes make me wonder if you're doing any good for anyone. But then there are the few people who's lives you CAN touch and they make it worth all the disappointments. 

Oh so Karma is a real thing except it's called the Light of Christ and some people just have it! We were walking through our parking lot and I found an open wallet with a stinkin ton of money in it and pretty much some guy's whole life. His address was in there and he lived in the building next to us! So we walked over and he wasn't there and we couldn't get into the building. After standing there for like 5 min conversing about what to do the maintenance guy let us in...he wasn't even creepy! Wish we could change buildings... Anyway we finally found his apartment so we slid it under the door with a pass-along card saying we found it in the parking lot. Well on Tuesday we were coming home from a district finding activity and the other sisters gave us the wrong metro card. If it's unlimited you can only use it once in a certain time period. So I swiped and went through and then she swiped and it rejected it. Awk. So I'm standing on one side of the gate and she's standing other the other...I'm sure we just had these wide-eyed looks like a bunch of tourists. Well a nice man came and swiped his card so she could get through and we could go home. It reminded me of the atonement and how Christ really does pull us out of some sticky situations. We can't ever pay him back, but that's not the point. The point is to do all we can to help others in hopes that we are doing enough to qualify us for eternal life.

On Wednesday I saw my first New York snowfall! Okay it was mostly sleet and rain, but there was a little snow! It wasn't too cold. We went to the mission office to drop some stuff off and we saw President. He is so cool, I seriously love him. He shook our hands and as he was walking away he said: "thanks for the miracles you bring to our mission, it's your faith!" Inside I was just like, yeah right we don't do anything. We drive around all day looking for parking and when we finally find it the person isn't home. As I thought about it I realized that I don't have as much faith as I would like to, and my attitude was getting me nowhere. Well I had a little intervention with myself on the way to go look someone else up and decided that if I had more faith (and acted on it) we would probably talk to more people. We got the her apartment and she was there!!! Literally the first time in 2 weeks someone actually opened the door to us. And she wanted us to come back Saturday! Then as we were walking back a cute old man wished us a happy holiday! Our day turned around and even though no one else was home it brought the spirit into my life more as I relied on the Lord to help us find people. It's so easy to go through life faking it and relying on our own skills when, if we rely on God, we will achieve much more success and have more fulfillment in our work. 

Thanksgiving was AWESOME. In the morning we went to the Turkey Bowl. It was freezing cold but it was so good to see all my MTC comp and Sis Cox...yeah those are about the only friends I have haha. We left early because we had to be at service at 11 at a burger joint serving food to homeless people. It was so fun! Bringing back the lion house days with Sister Joseph. Basically I was carrying out plates to people (5 at a time, just like the glory days!) and she was in the kitchen carving the turkey but once I looked over and she was ripping the turkey apart with her bare hands! It was hysterical. What a beast. The people were supposed to come at 12 but they didn't show up...1...2...3 and we were supposed to clean up and all the sudden they all showed up! So we rushed making the plates. Me and Sis J in the kitchen and Sisters Placheta and Grass bar tending (haha just ginger ale guys don't worry). We finally went home and weekly planned. We made our own dinner of bacon-wrapped chicken cordon bleu, scalloped potatoes, glazed carrots, bacon green beans (can you tell we like bacon), rolls, mashed potatoes...basically WAY more than the two of us could eat. So glorious and honestly the best part besides serving others was being able to be in the kitchen on Thanksgiving at the restaurant and in our apartment with the cockroaches. It was a wonderful day and one I will never forget. Glad to be here. Extra glad to be with Sister Joseph, and most of all glad for a wonderful family + the Hartleys who loves and supports me. You all are awesome!

Okay sorry this is gonna be another long letter...I seriously throw up into my iPad on Mondays because so many things happen. So I'm sure you've seen the video "He's the Gift", if not please go and watch it and share it with others! It is a special Christmas initiative from the First Presidency (I think that the fact that it's from them shows us of its importance) talking about how Christmas isn't about presents, it's about our dear Savior. They've made a limited amount of pass-along cards and you should be getting some in the Ensign. SHARE THEM. Share the gift of Jesus Christ and His Atonement with people this holiday season. That's a lot better than something you get off Amazon. The church has put a lot of effort and money into this initiative, so let's make it worth something! It's definitely more for members and is so easy to share with your friends, it's not like, in their face GET BAPTIZED THE WATER IS WARM...but a whispering from the Holy Ghost that there are things that can help them a lot more than gifts this holiday season. I would challenge all of you to think of people who need the gift of Jesus Christ this Christmas. I don't know where I'd be without Him and His love. 

Sunday was super great. I had to play the organ again because the other lady had to leave or something. It's gonna be awk if I get transferred cause I dunno who they'll get to play haha. We taught Sunday school and the topic was the life of Jesus Christ. It was so good and we showed "Because of Him" at the end and then let people just sit there and think about what the Savior has done for them. Afterwards some people shared what Jesus Christ meant to them and the spirit was so strong. In the scriptures it says that "Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends." (John 15:13) I am so grateful that He laid down His life for us, and I know Christ truly is our friend. He doesn't expect us to lay down our life for Him, but to live in a way that we lay down things that keep us from being like Him. I am so grateful for my Savior. 

Hope you all have a great week! 
Love you,
Sister Wadsworth

Hopefully all the pics work this week! There should be 4 ...
1. Finally got a pic with Neil!
2&3. Long Island City in the snow

4. Service project with Dave! (That's not Dave, it's Elder Martinez...Dave is cray cray) 

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