Monday, October 13, 2014

It's gettin crazy

Dear Fam,
Oh my goodness, where to begin? I should probably start with my companion, now that I know all her dirty secrets I can spill the beans. She's one of the coolest people ever. She has this black woman sass that just spills out on occasion and it seriously slays me every time. We'll have a song on in the car and she will just break it down so hard core, like she seriously is Shakira in the car guys. The next Beyoncé. When she gets mad at something she rolls up her sleeves and is like "hold me back sister" and I'll be like "calm down" and she'll be like "NO!!! Hold my earrings!" Dude I cannot even describe her, but hysterical could maybe begin to explain how my days are. She doesn't like to drive so she lets me. Except then the car supervisor made "designated drivers" a thing so now she HAS to drive and she pretty much kills us every day. I don't know why, but I've felt sooo scared this week. We've been in Brooklyn a lot and have just been around some creepy people. I just feel like we get jumped it's over cause I'm pretty much a hipster by now. I gave Sis Cox my pepper spray cause she was scared since I wasn't there to protect her. Pa if you could send me some? I've been eating spinach but I don't think that's gonna cut it.

This week was so exhausting. Monday and Tuesday we did straight lookups and had some appointments, all of which cancelled, and not a single person was home (get the pun, cause we're in the YSA...SINGLE. Okay I'll stop it wasn't funny). But Shakira would sing to me in between appointments so it wasn't too bad. We were tired of trying to find parking on Tuesday so we set out on foot across the wilderness of Long Island City. We walked 20 blocks to a house only to find it was in the projects and it was like 8 at night so we got to the street corner, looked at the sketchy, unlit buildings, stepped over all the crack addicts, and turned right back around and walked 20 blocks back to our car. Exhaustion set it and even scripture power couldn't keep me from nodding on the way home. That's when we ran into the fire hydrant. Okay just kidding, but we were soooo tired. And we've lost our car like 4 times, so maybe them taking it away wouldn't be such a bad idea. On Wednesday I had a new experience. I sang and an elder played the guitar to the people of New York on the streets while some other missionaries talked to people and we had a sign up. They have some crazy ways of finding new investigators here that's for sure. 

I keep finding cockroaches in and on my stuff. Does anyone know what to do to get rid of them? Like I kill them but that doesn't really fix the problem. Anyways that doesn't matter. What matters is that we went into Manhattan. On accident. You guys it was a bad day already, and we are driving to a meeting at the ward mission leader's pad when all the sudden we find ourselves on the triborough bridge. We would have enjoyed the nice view of the city, but we were too busy ripping the fur off our cats because of the $15 toll we had to pay. I've never seen Sister Joseph so riled up. Someone honked at her and she FLIPPED. She literally screamed SHUT UP!!!! She's always so calm so it was hysterical to see her upset. I love her. But then we went into Manhattan for real on Saturday to take Macy to the temple. We went with her and 5 of the guys in the branch. They are all cool kids, they took us out to dinner after at this SUPER good burger place. It was probably the best burger of my life.  I have so much to say about the YSA, but basically I feel like I'm just chillin with friends all the time. They treat us like people, not nuns so that's refreshing. I feel at home here and I love the Astoria ward as well. 

Elder Perry came so there was a special fireside. It was way cool. One thing I liked that Elder Hallstrom said was that "A temple recommend is not just an entrance ticket to the temple. It is a sign that we are living true to the covenants we have made." Elder Perry talked to us about a website, it's to help us mesh with other religions. You guys should go check it out and post your favorite video on faithbook, cause Elder Perry said so. Oh and there's a link to a mormon message about a lady in our ward, she's the stake presidents wife..SO COOL. Anyway it has been probably the hardest, greatest week ever with trying to keep up with the 2 different pools, driving all over Queens and Brooklyn, and all the meetings we have. I don't know what I'd do without Shakira ... I seriously love her. Oh and we made this really good lasagna. Dude this letter is all over the place..but I guess that's how our week was so it fits! Thanks for all your support! I love you guys a ton!
Love, Sister Wadsworth

1. Couldn't stay away from my girl for a whole we went back on P-day
2. I guess you could say this describes us..haha
3. ...or this.
4. Taking Macy to the temple
5. The cockroach situation is real
6. Nightly planning ... We ran out of chips and salsa :(

7. Who knows what we were doing.

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