Monday, August 11, 2014

Service, vollyball, and straight spreadin the gospel!

This week was mostly full of service! Which was great, sometimes I
just feel like I'm on a service project's like continual
10-hour projects, so if all you girls who wanna come on missions don't
like personal progress yah better start likin it ya heifers cause
that's all your mission is. We literally didn't put on a dress till
Friday and then Saturday we had the volleyball tournament, and then of
course, Sunday we kinda had to. Okay I have to tell you about

When I first heard that we were on a volleyball team I was soooo
happy. We got to play for 3 hours every Wednesday night, which was
that much less time we had to stand in elevators that felt like pee
rivers and smelled like throw up and talk to creepers (judge me). Well
then I started to hate it cause I must have like, I dunno, started to
understand why I was on a mission? And I didn't think that reason was
to play volleyball. Well, Sister Wadsworth was wrong again! I think I
got called here cause I'm such a good volleyball player. Okay I will
stop, but I was seriously having a hard time understanding why we
played volleyball. I didn't feel like I was doing missionary work.
Rookie mistake, cause this Wednesday was our last night and we have
had appointments/gospel discussions with 90% of the team and have
given out Book of Mormons left and right. AND (this is a bonus) they
don't think we're like nuns or JWs anymore! Turns out playing
volleyball has been one of our most successful finding activities, as
well as helped the church come out of obscurity, which is ironic since
it started in NY but whatever. A guy from the volleyball team was
talking church history with us after the game Wednesday and pretty
soon he's going around asking people if they knew it was legal to
shoot a Mormon till the 70s...glad to know that's what he got out of
the whole conversation we had...why am I such a newb?

So yeah the tournament was on Saturday so we get up at 6:30 like
usual, except we had to go help lay some sod so we did that till 9:30
and then headed over with our team captain to Riis Park where we play.
We won the first two rounds piece of cake but on the last one, the
final, we lost the first two and it's 3/5 to win. Well since Elder
Durkin plays for BYU that was handy cause he and the rest of the team
just turned it around and we swept the last 3 games and won the
championship! So ya know we stick around and are talking to people and
it's awesome but yuppies start to get all tipsy on us so we head out.
Except we rode in with our captain who has probably had the most to
drink at this point to we decide to walk back to our car that's parked
at her house. Good thing it was 50 blocks away. Good thing we had just
been in the sun for 9 hours. Good thing I didn't have shoes on. Mom I
am still tired come feed meeeeee. No jk I'm fine it was a great day
and probably the only time I'll be on the Rockaway Beach Volleyball
League so I'm happy about it. Lesson number one, don't forget your
shoes when you go somewhere. I can hear Travis right now being like "I
told you so." Just shut up kid.

Lesson number two of the week, always say nice things. Don't EVER let
something come out of your mouth that could hurt someone or something
or anything. We were at the grocery store and I just wasn't impressed
with the place. The girls wanted to get some fruit but we wanted to
weigh it and there wasn't a freakin scale so of course I freaked out.
Okay not a ton but I was like "why don't have a freakin scale here?"
This guy that was quietly stocking the shelves was like, it's over
there ma'am. You guys I felt so dang bad this guy was just doin his
job and I was that annoying customer. Well I have been a lot more
conscious about what comes outta my mouth now...good thing eh. This is
just a rookie week for me I should probably calm down.

We had to move church buildings so it was bye bye condo and we had
church in Far Rock yesterday! We had 4 investigators come to
church!!!! Too bad the elevator didn't work and none of them could
make it up the 4 flights of stairs so they left. You guys my heart
fell on the nasty Central Ave sidewalk and broke. THEY FINALLY CAME!
It's okay everything happens for a reason. It better have been a good
one. It was so weird to have a podium and stand and separate rooms for
classes. It was like normal church but then they brought out a
birthday cake afterwards so it felt like the Belle Harbor Branch
again. Oh my goodness I feel so happy around these people. The gospel
is the same wherever you go and I love that I feel the same spirit as
I do at home when I walk into church each Sunday.

Something I have been thinking about this week is being in a comfort
zone. I think Satan wins a pretty big battle when he gets us to
thinking that being comfortable is good. The Lord has set a standard
and Satan is smart enough to know that we aren't gonna completely
disregard that, but he convinces us that being right below that
expectation is good enough, because we are "trying hard enough." If he
can keep us right below what is expected of us, he is a happy camper.
In the pre-existence satan was comfortable. God gave us commandments
and because we didn't have agency we just obeyed and everything was
chill. Satan was comfortable, so when the proposition was made to come
to earth and be tested he didn't like that. He wanted to stay in that
safe relationship with Heavenly Father because now if he fell, he'd
fall big time. So when he tried to convince everyone that being in the
same comfort zone, different location would be best, he was just
trying to stay comfortable in the lifestyle he knew. He now tries to
use his greatest vice to fool us. He knows how good it feels to be
comfortable, and he takes advantage of it. "And others will he pacify,
and lull them away into carnal security, that they will say all is
well in Zion!; yea, Zion prospereth all is well!-and thus the devil
cheateth their souls, and leadeth them away carefully down to hell."
Nephi didn't buy into that filth though, he says straight up: "wo unto
him who crieth, all is well in Zion!" When we realize how eternal our
choices (and the consequences) are, we see that being just below what
is expected of us isn't good enough. We must give it our all and
continually side with The Lord. I read a talk from conference in like
1973 and the guy said "we can lose our salvation by default." Uh oops
talk about things to be acted upon. So yeah I have been working on
consciously choosing the right because I know if I don't, I will
unconsciously choose the wrong.

Um, the gospel is so amazing! I love it and am just so grateful to be
able to share it with people! Transfersss are next Tuesday so let's
cross our fingers that THE belle harbor trio sticks together!
Otherwise, I will be emailing from a new pad next week!

Love y'all!
Sis Wadsworth

me and Sista Cox
The trio with Eno, she is leaving the U today :'(
Our volleyball team after we won the championship! It was a million
degrees and we were sooo tired from playing 8 games straight, and then
the captain made us do a stupid pyramid. Forget about it. Oh and then
she photoshopped it all horrible. K I'll stop now.
Sunday night with Francis, she played the accordion for us, she used
to play on the Queen Elizabeth! So legit.. Ps in the last photo
Francis is bombing it...she literally slays me guys.

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