Monday, August 18, 2014

I'm being trained!......and I'm training?!


This week started off so weird. We got out of a lesson and
were doing some quick car planning/referral mapping when this ghetto
guy with like 3 teeth comes up to the car and starts talking to me but
I couldn't hear him so I lock the doors (after I asked Sis Myers if I
should roll down the window cause I couldn't hear him...rookie
mistake). So he gets mad and he walks around our car and then in front
of it so we can't drive away and just starts undressing and takes his shirt off. Don't forget he had the creepiest
toothless smile I have ever seen in my existence. We were SO FREAKED
OUT. Like what is this dude tryna pull? Well we all started screaming
and Cosmo practically ran him over as we barreled out there. I
literally cannot write this without rolling on the floor laughing. It
was hysterical. As we were driving away to our next appointment some
guys pulled up next to us and rolled down the window and were trying
to talk to us while they're straight flexin out their window. Good
thing every time we get hit on it's the day we DON'T do our hair or
make up and it's like or maxi Monday or Taco Bell Tuesday so we are
like inhaling our crunch wraps and we look up and someone is like "can
I have your numbaaaaa? Can I have it?" Okay but seriously. I don't
even know why I write about this junk but it just slays me so hard
that I can't not tell ya about it. New York people are seriously

I'm still at odds to what is weirder, that or getting a training call
while I'm still IN training. I couldn't get greener if ya watered me
so when President asked if I'd train I was a bit shocked. I am humbled
that he would put that much trust in me, but I know that The Lord will
use me to bring about His purposes, whether I am adequate or not. My
wonderful trainer is off to be a Sister Training Leader, and I will
stay here in the Harbor with Sister Cox. This means I have to drive
all the time. And talk in lessons. Aaah. Can I just take a minute
though and tell you about my trainer? I've never met someone so
selfless or kind. Or good looking let's get real. I can't imagine what
my mission would have been like if it didn't start off with her. She
will forever be a close friend and I am so sad to see her leave but I
know she will bless the lives of others wherever she goes. She leaves
in 4 transfers, and when she leaves my mission will be half over.
Psych me out why don't ya, it's going by way too fast!

Thursday we were able to take a girl to do baptisms at the temple with
her parents. She was baptized a few weeks ago. We got there a little
early and waited and waited outside the temple for them to show up.
Well about 15 minutes after we were supposed to go in, they come
walking out, wet hair and all! Turns out they got there way early and
had needed the dad to do baptisms so they whisked them in without us!
They were super nice and went back in and did baptisms with us. Then
they took us out to this super smanshy Mexican restaurant overlooking
Manhattan. Ma. Pa. We are def going there when you come to pick me up
(assuming you still want me in 15 months). It was the best Mexican
food I ever did have. We rushed to catch the ferry. Like we were
running through the subways and all over the place. I felt like I was
in an artsy movie. Especially when the ferry left as we were running
up to the pier. The ferry has NEVER left early before, and it was 5
min early. So we waited for an extra 2 hours till the next one came.

Since Sister Myers is leaving we have been going around saying bye to
everyone. I am gonna sound like such a snob right now but it is
seriously a struggle. We are SO sick of people taking us out to eat.
There's this one Italian restaurant on Beach 129th that everyone raves
over, even though it's not that great quality. So typical day is Steve
buying us breakfast sandwiches, then getting bored and taking us to
lunch, then someone else takes us to dinner. We went to the place on
129th twice on Friday and the second time we walked in the waitress
from lunch was like telling all the people there that it was our
second time. Lady please, I have enough problems without you being
phony to me when I'm tryna to keep the food in my stomach. Sister Cox
got really sick so we had to stay home on Saturday but Sister Myers
packed so it was fine. I should really look into vacuum packing my
junk, you wouldn't believe the amount of stuff she fit in her

Well that is probably enough of stuff that doesn't really matter..I
will try and say one worthwhile thing before I hit the road. This week
I have been thinking a lot about complacency. I think about that all
the time I guess cause the struggle is real. An apostle said that
people think that "what I don't know won't hurt me" when really,
nothing hurts us more than what we DON'T know. When our salvation is
at stake, we need not think we can take a break for a day, or skip leg
day. Oh my heck where is Val when I need her. But really, when it's
all said and done, we can only take with us what we learned in this
life, so I would encourage you all to study the scriptures, read
preach my gospel even if you never will, never intend to, or already have served a mission. That book teaches the most basic things that we
need to know to succeed in this life, and you can never know "enough."
I am so grateful for the scriptures, for the prophets, and for
personal revelation in our day that makes it possible for us to know
what God wants us to do.
Love ya all!
Sister Wadsworth

in our volleyball shirts!
Zone 6 (normal and weird)
WE MADE THE WAVE NEWSPAPER! haha there are three pics of us.
Aaand our last district pic because Elders Durkin and Izatt and Sister
Myers are leaving :( our district has mad sass going on in case you
couldn't tell.

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