Monday, June 9, 2014

Missionaries Set On Fire This Week: 1

So after I wrote on P-day last week we went to the beach for a little
volleyball. I think the Lord is trying to humble me cause I got the
ugliest tan lines out of everyone from here to Breezy Point. The weird
thing is that I'm not even mad about it haha. We might have done a
little shopping at this janky boutique and I might come home wearing
some crazy New York'll still accept me for who I am
right? We knocked a ton of doors but people either wouldn't let us in
or else "weren't home." Finally we came back to the church and
practiced our song for next week. A General Authority is coming so
talk to us. I'm pretty sure if we mess up they'll send us home (just a
heads up). Sorry Mom and Dad.

Tuesday we had district meeting and then went to the Mission Home in
Rego for an iPad instruction thing. We came back and visited two of
our ladies with baptism dates the 8th and the 15th. We are so excited
for them! On Wednesday morning I started talking to a lady at the gym
and she said she'd come to church!!! It's so fun finding people
unexpectedly. Cosmo and I get checked out/yelled at/commented on
pretty frequently (in the ghetto usually). I say this because it goes
to show that you can be hot while being modest...ha ha. #creepedout

So like Wednesday is our service day and I wish I could say that it
was better than our experience last week with the bug spray but uh it
wasn't. We went out to Breezy Point to help remodel houses with
Friends of Rockaway. So Cosmo and I are working with this chick and I
don't wanna be mean but she was a vegetarian and that says a lot about
a person. So we are putting in laminate flooring and she is just
hovering like a helicopter this girl. Man I love hippies. Anyways she
finally left and Cosmo and I finished up the floor in like 2 hours! I
almost killed a guy with the table saw but it was just some internal
bleeding so he should be fine. IM KIDDING GUYS COME ON. So anyways we
get home and we are just covered in filth. I notice that my knees are
wet? It's probably just sweat right? Nope you're wrong my knees are
covered in blood. Praying is funner this way. Oh and my face is
peeling from being burned on P-day so I'm sure people are gonna be
totally receptive to the gospel when it comes to them in this form
right? Anyways if anyone wants their floors redone just call the Belle
Harbor sisters k? We pro.

On Saturday we had a going-away party for one of the senior couples.
It was from 5-9 and we didn't start eating till 7, so I guess you
could say it was getting crazy. People were was hot..the
usual. There are like 50 people packed in the bottom floor of the
building we use for church. There are like 20 people in the hallway
kitchen. All the sudden one of the ladies' shirt caught fire and
before we knew what was happening she started stripping. So we have a
half-naked lady in the kitchen, stuff is starting to catch fire, and
nobody can get out. I might have been getting nervous at this point
cause I'm at the back of the kitchen. So she's waving her shirt around
trying to get the fire out of it when she lights Elder Durkin on fire
in a very bad place for a guy to get lit on fire. {shake my head} this
is going nowhere good. The fire finally got put out and there were
only some minor burns...I can guarantee that wouldn't happen at no
Fallon 2nd ward party.

We have been in the sketch part of town a lot more this week, we went
to the tenth floor of one really crazy place to look up a referral
with the Branch President's daughter and as we stepped into the
elevator we all pretty much threw up...I looked down at my feet and I
was standing smack-dab in a puddle of pee on the floor. I didn't know
I could hold my breath for so long but I totally did. Everyone has to
hear the gospel, no matter where they live, so I should probably get
used to it haha. I had Jamaican food, it's really good...especially
the ox tail. Yum yum?

Remember how I hate to play the piano? Well once again The Lord is
humbling me because I play in sacrament meeting, Sunday school, and
RS. Good thing I'm so good at it???

So I dunno if I told y'all this but my companion is seriously the
best. She is a great trainer and an even better friend. I wanna cry
when I think about leaving her, but that's a long way off so it's
fine. She is the most considerate person I've ever met and she is such
a good example to me. People would be stupid to hard pass her if ya
get what I'm saying.

Well if I get killed in a sketchy elevator this week I just want y'all
to know that God is our loving Heavenly Father and that this gospel is
true. It is crazy to think that there are 1 million people in our
stake and we are lucky if there are 5 or 10 families that come to
sacrament meeting each week. There is so much work to do here but He
is preparing His people to receive His gospel in His own way and time,
Cosmo and I just have to be the ones that give people that choice. We
know that if we are doing the right things and being obedient we will
be led to people who are ready. I am forever grateful for the
knowledge I have of the gospel and that I can tell others about it. So
happy I have a family that is freakin cool and I wanna be with
forever. You are awesome keep it up!

xoxo love you! Sister Wads

If you want some bomb meatballs, this is Sister Dibble's recipe. You
won't regret it.

six pound bag of costco meatballs
2 bottles of Heinz chili sauce
32 oz bottle grape jelly

Combine sauce and jelly in a large crock pot.  Whisk together until
smooth.  Heat for 3 hours or until hot. Crock pots vary in size and

heating speed.

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