Monday, June 16, 2014

First Month Madness

I promised myself I would never become that sister missionary. The one
who wears no make up, doesn't fix her hair, or puts no thought into an
outfit for the next day. Cosmo and I just aren't like that. We try to
look our best all the time. But maybe we try too hard sometimes. It
all started with Mo's (Cosmo, Morgan, Sis Myers, it's all the same)
hair. She wants to be blonde and tan for summer, and of course you can
sign me up for that filth. So we decided to dye her hair. Last week's
p-day was our first failed attempt. We bought all the stuff and came
back to our pad to do the deed. Well, you couldn't even tell I spent
two and a half hours doing a beautiful weave because the color didn't
show up. So we tried again the next Monday....this time with bleach.
We had another sister come and do it because she knew what was going
on. Well, we thought she knew what was going on. Long story short,
there was extra dye and she looks at me "do you want some blond?"
Being the young, wild, restless, yolo, dumb blonde chick that I am I
thought "what could some blonde dye hurt?" Um. A lot you idiot. I wish
I would have inherited a few things from my common
sense. It looks like someone poured a can of yellow paint on top of my
head. Soooo hawt. I look pretty brofessional as a sister mish.

But press forward saints, so we went and sang for the GA (Gifford
Neilson) the next day. It was an amazing meeting I wish I could share
everything from it! One thing he said that I loved was that "the
reason we go on missions is so that we can be excellent parents." We
sang our song and it turned out pretty good. It should be moving up to
1 million views on YouTube soon so keep an eye out. We rode home with
Durkin and Beautiful J (Jensen) and got into a heated discussion about
grass-fed beef. Jensen is kind of a hippie I think, and was set on
grass-fed beef...completely convinced that corn is bad for cows...I
had him turn to D&C 89:17.  We really can find answers to all our
questions in the scriptures #puredoctrine folks

Service this week was hilarious, we hung drywall in a sketch part of
town, and came out pretty much safe from it! Mother I'm glad I
inherited you looks, but when you gave me the
klutz/trip-over-everything gene I don't think that was very nice. I
think our supervisors are dating so Cosmo and I just make jokes about
their love life the whole time cause we don't really have our own. Oh
speaking of eternal love, Travis made it to Australia! I think he is
biking in downtown Adelaide so I can't decide what is more sketch,
that, or the pee in the elevators. But he's alive so that's what
matters right?

One thing that has been hilarious is seeing how people view us out
west. The initial reaction to me being from a farm is disbelief. No
really, they don't think that I'm a farmer, and the reasons why are so
dang funny! One guy said in his Jamaican accent "are country girls all
really manly?" I almost died. Pssssh well it's not the first time I've
been called a man. Another question was: "do country girls only like
guys with big trucks?" Wait what. Not even gonna try answering that
one. And people don't know what hay or alfalfa is so when they ask
what I do it's pretty much hopeless trying to explain that one.

A huge thanks to Val for teaching me how to lift properly. I've made
friends with a lot of people at the gym in the morning because they
wanna know why I'm so yolked (wow why am I so funny) and we have given
out 2 copies of the Book of Mormon there! One lady I gave one to came
up to me this morning and said she had read my testimony in the front
and it made her cry and she wants to know more! I love doing
missionary work in a setting I'm comfortable with, even if it's with a
bunch of huge Africans who are obsessed with Lebron. And the Heat just
chap my cat so it's good practice for me to talk to them and stay

Nothing could have prepared me for the type of missionary work that we
do here. They should have a special MTC for people who go to Belle
Harbor. I thought missionary work was knocking doors, teaching
lessons, and sharing your testimony 34/7. Nope you're wrong Sister
Wadsworth, all we do in Belle Harbor is try to tell people what the
church IS. We've had maybe 4 actual lessons since I've been here?
These people need something different, they need to trust us before
they are gonna let us into their homes for a lesson, so we stop by
people's houses and chat with them, trying to build relationships with
them. Sometimes we get in a scripture, sometimes we don't...and it's
hard to accept that this is what missionary work is here. But when we
begin to see people open up and have questions about us and our
church, we get to tell them what we believe.  And there is nothing
more beautiful in missionary work than telling people how the gospel
has changed your life, and how it can change theirs too, if they let
it. We were having a serious conversation with a lady about the Plan
of Salvation when she asked if we date people when we get back from
the mish..I think she thought we did arranged marriages??? People
think we're aliens or nuns or something. I PROMISE IM NORMAL GUYS DO I
LOOK LIKE A NUN? I also got asked if I was Canadian....yessssss. Just
slays me every time.

Well we had a great weekend, the Branch President's wife got baptized
along with this guy who lives in the house above them. They are both
just stellar in the gospel and were so ready to make that covenant.
The Lord prepared His people on His own time, we just have to be ready
when they are. We met a great family in the Rockaways (sketchhh) and
they are excited for a return lesson! It is great to see how the
gospel can bless families, speaking of which, every time I show people
the family pic they like fall over in disbelief. And then you have
farmers on top of that, and then homeschooled jungle freak? New
Yorkers would have a hay day...oh if only they knew what hay was. The
only things that grow in New York City are weeds and weed.

I know this gospel is true, and that this is the only true church on
earth. The Lord is hastening His work in his own time. I wish I could
stay here my whole mission, I seriously love it here! It is such a
blessing to be able to serve a mission. Hope you all have a great

Loves ya all,
Sis Wads

Sister Sariah Wadsworth
New York New York South Mission

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