Sunday, June 22, 2014

Fried Caterpillars and Crazy Drivers...Forget About It

This will be trippy but we have half of our P-day today and the other
half..(who knows when?...maybe Tuesday) because of some crazy
scheduling and exchanges...mind you I still expect my email to be blow
up haha.

We were able to have a training meeting with the senior couples, APs
and President on Tuesday. President said that, like parenting, we
would never appreciate our trainers until we became trainers, and then
told us to stop judging our trainers. I'm just sitting there like,
dude I need to stop worshiping Cosmo and then start judging her so I
can do like President said and stop judging her. Seriously though, she
is the cat's pajamas that girl. I could tell you good things about her
for days. It feels like we've known each other for years, not weeks. I
just wuv her. Wow this is fruity I should probably cool it.

So we go to this lady's house, she used to be a JW but she in the YW
presidency now and super cool. She starts talking to us about her
college days, and before we know it she's pulling out her belly-dance
performance videos. She insisted that we come back to learn some
moves. She also told us that belly-dancing originated from an exercise
for pregnant women to sooth the baby. I'm like seriously considering
starting a class for pregnant mamas when I get back. But we are
sitting on her couch for what seemed like forever watching this stuff
and then she's like getting out the bells and the scarfs and shiz. We
were so slayed we couldn't stop laughing. She almost convinced me it
was an art after we saw a gay guy do it. Uh not. Not quite converted
to that yet hah. We talked to her about For the Strength of Youth,
she's in YWs and has never heard of it haha oh my goodness I'm just
dying thinking about it. We also went into a bar for one of our
service activities cause they were feeding us there. Like seriously,
the stuff you do as missionaries is just a riot.

The members here are crazy. Everyone in the branch has been baptized
for under 5 years, so it's like Grand Central recent convert Station
at church each week. When we got out of the temple my first week here
one of the ladies who just went through was like "oh are you new
girl?" I said yes and she's all "aw hell yeah girl!" Inside I'm like
dude we just got out of the temple cool your jets that's like a swear
word and I'm homeschooled. It's so funny but cool to be around, they
are all so pure in heart, their prayers are all so sincere the spirit
is really strong in church each week. Especially when no one gets lit
on fire. Like literally. The members here feed us too sometimes! We've
had fried caterpillars and cow intestine/goat/fish soup with fofo. I
hope you can sense my enthusiasm all the way from F-town cause it was

The weather here cannot make up it's mind. Seriously just like a
woman. When we did service we broke the rules and went swimming....IN
SWEAT. It was so hot. Then the next day when we took the ferry to the
temple it was cold and windy and raining. As if I already didn't have
a hard enough time deciding what to wear in the morning sheesh. Okay
but the ferry ride though? SO BEAUTIFUL. We went past Coney Island
(#dreamy), Staten Island, and NJ and got off by the Brooklyn Bridge on
Wall Street and took the tube up to the temple. The temple was amazing
as always, and we had a little time till the ferry left so we went to
Chipotle. While we were walking down the sidewalk we see all these cop
cars and a person on the sidewalk with a sheet over them. I guess the
lady jumped out of the 8th floor. It was so sad to see that people
have so little hope for their lives. We saw a lot of other crazy
things too sheesh. Wall Street is so cool. If I wasn't gonna be a
trophy wife I'd def jump on a job there. Being in the city makes you
realize how lucky you are to live in the country though. A lot of
people tell me they hate it here but they stay because they make a lot
of money. It's like they're trapped in their own life. All about that
redneck life doe. The Stach of Lib is pretty legit, and it was so cool
to see in person. I saw Central Park too! It's like everything
happened on one day opsies shoulda saved some for the rest of the
mish. I seriously love it here though, it's so pretty in it's own way.

And. The traffic. When I first got here I thought all the missionaries
were completely irresponsible drivers because they did the most
ridiculous things, but holy cow, they were being defensive drivers! If
you don't go fast, you die. End of story. And your life if you're not
careful. We got hit yesterday by this blonde chick (self-explanatory).
We were stopped and she just slowly pulled into our car! She knocked
our mirror in and Cosmo was honking and the elders are banging on the
windows but she kept slowly driving into us! Like dude you are just
chapping my cat right now. Pay attention! Then she just drove off. See
ya lata ya home and car wrecker. Forget about it.

But we are alive so that's ideal, and we have had an amazing week, I
got to teach my first real lesson! We found this girl Jah'Leah, she's
like my age, and her dad is a bishop for a diff church, but she said
that when we came and were telling her about how the Book of Mormon
would change her life she had a good feeling, so we taught her the
Restoration on Friday night and saw her again Saturday and it is going
really well! She "lost" the five Book of Mormons we gave her and her
family (there are like 15 of them in the apartment) but I'm pretty
sure her dad threw them away haha we'll see how that turns out. Other
than that we have been in Belle Harbor, chatting it up with people on
their porches trying to get them comfortable with the Mormons so that
they might come to church someday. Cug. It's been amazing to be able
to study every morning. At first I didn't know how I'd use up a hour
by myself but now it's not enough time! I'm learning so much and it's
seriously such a blessing to be out here. It's weird cause I could
write to y'all all day long about the things I've learned, but that
means nothing. People have to learn and study for themselves to truly
understand the gospel. I hope y'all can take some extra time out of
your lives to study the scrips some more, it really is a blessing to
have the word of God on the earth today through a living prophet. The
church is truuuuuue!

Have a great week kiddos.

Sis Wads

Sister Sariah Wadsworth
New York New York South Mission

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