Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Ebola-free and Lovin Life!

This is the best mission in the world! It was another AWESOME week here and even though the weather has been kinda cold people's hearts have really been warming up to the gospel! Oh yeah, our P-day got changed to Wednesday but I guess that's kind of obvious at this point. Also, I just read Brent's letter. Promise I will never complain about cockroaches again. Ever. 

On Monday we went to the Brooklyn Bridge Park again to play some rugby. It was cloudy and super nice outside. Not gonna lie I was pretty antsy to get our week started because we had found so many people last week and we had return appointments with all of them! Tuesday we set out to go see all of our golden investigators (we have 4 potentials all on the same street)..with a a car...we had confirmed all the lessons twice...what could go wrong? Well, none of them were home, except Israel, who turned out to be the pastor for his church and told us he wasn't interested. Good thing the member we brought is a less-active, we just taught her instead! Remember how God makes His own schedules? Well he worked some miracles in these two missionaries' lives...although we had specific names to fill all of our goals this week (which we did reach) NONE of them were with the people we had planned! We had lessons with completely different people!...but I'll get to that later. Tuesday was (in our minds) kind of a flop. Well on Wednesday we did service. All the people from our district and Coney Island go do service at Prospect Park on Wednesdays. I'm telling you, I was just itching to go on the street corner and proclaim the gospel to every nation, kindred, tongue, and people, which is pretty do-able in Brooklyn. But as we were picking up trash I was talking to one of my favorite Sister Training Leaders of all time and I think she as having a bit of a rough day and after we were done she said talking had helped her a lot. It's sometimes difficult for me to swallow, but a lot of times the people who need our help most are the ones we are closest to. We always go to Wendy's after service and I knew that this was my chance to fearless someone! As we were walking out I passed a table with two middle-aged women. I got the "feeling" and knew I had to talk to them. I turned around and walked back to their table. "Hi I'm Sister Wadsworth (in my grungy paint-covered service clothes), a missionary for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, would you like to hear a message about Jesus Christ and His restored gospel???" I think I was talking really fast or something cause they just started laughing. Nope. They were members! You just NEVER meet members in NYC. But if you do, you think they look like  they need the gospel and you awkwardly fearless them. My inspiration game must be diminishing. 

It's okay because that afternoon we taught a referral from Pennsylvania and her and her two kids want to be baptized! They were asking GOLDEN questions, I was really impressed with them. I think we are on a every-other-day streak because we totally bombed Thursday. I mean, we had a lesson with a less-active but our whole night was spent on a bus which was stuck behind a garbage truck going the wrong way so we ended up in some sort of Brooklyn Chinatown and the people we were trying to look up didn't even live there. Sometimes Google Maps hates us. Well since Friday we were due (in a sense) for more miracles we tried our hardest to make them happen! We had so many lessons scheduled we had to find 2 members and go on splits! Well then half the lessons cancelled...but we were NOT about to let that get in the way because it's not every day you can get TWO members on the same night! So we set up more lessons and everything actually went so well! My comp went to teach a lady we had fearlessed last week and her and her husband liked the message and invited us back! My story was a bit more radical. So I'm with this super cool member and we have a lesson at the church. The lady comes walking up and she is like, quickly walking around the building looking at all the pictures, snooping in all the rooms. She was really hyper too. I'm bein honest I was slightly freaked out! But as we sat down to have a lesson it was evident that she really was searching for the truth. She has a Bachelors in Theology and had already read 1 & 2 Nephi and Jacob! She also watched the Joseph Smith Movie and the Emma Smith movie as well and read in its entirety! Well somebody get this woman a white jumpsuit! It was the weirdest baptismal challenge I'd ever extended because she has already been baptized into many different churches. After explaining that the priesthood authority has been restored on the earth I asked "will you follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized by someone holding the proper priesthood authority?" She jokingly was like "yeah, I'll just get my rubber ducky." Haha I was trying not to laugh during the whole lesson. So we got 3 new investigators in an hour and 1 with a baptismal date! Miracles to the max! The Lord always puts people there for us if the ones we planned fall through. 

Saturday was destined to be another off day because the wart (I named her Wendy...Wendy the Wart) came back on my foot so I had to go get it dug out again all the way in Forest Hills. So we were on the train for 1 1/2 hours there and then back again so about 4 hours by the time it was all said and done. I guess it was worse this time, and he said I have something on my chest that looks like skin cancer so I have to go back, but yeah...basically I can't walk at the moment so we spent the rest of Saturday making calls and watching the Restoration movie. That's okay! Cause on Sunday we had more miracles! We had 5 investigators at church!!! And we were able to teach a lot of lessons that day as well, and take members because most people don't work on Sundays. We had a particularly good lesson about the prophet. Everyday I realize more the importance of having a prophet on the earth. We are so lucky!  

This week I had a cool study about the first vision, I always likened it to the restoration but this time I was really looking at Joseph's prayer and the way in which he prayed and the circumstances that surrounded it. Oftentimes we feel like there is thick darkness surrounding us, whether it's a decision we need to make and can't find the answer, or a struggle we have and can't seem to overcome...I know there is always a pillar of light, even Jesus Christ, there, waiting to encircle us with light and truth and help us overcome the obstacles we face. When we feel these feelings of peace and joy we have a greater desire to share them with others. If you're wondering how to gain a greater desire to do missionary/family history work, PRAY. Prayer really does change our will to the Father's will...if we let it. I am so grateful for Christ who makes it possible for us to pray to the Father, and I know we are always heard and answered in His time. As we live worthy the "spirit teacheth (us) to pray" and we will know what to ask for. I know God lives and Christ is our Savior. This is HIS everlasting gospel and it is our duty as members to share it with all we can. I love this work with all my heart. 
Love you all!
Sister Wadsworth 

1. The sun came out! Not used to this kind of turnt up weather yet
2. Wendy wanted to be in a picture.
3. Some selfie action..why not if you're in all day? 
4. Cripple life

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