Thursday, May 22, 2014

Every Day is Wednesday at the MTC

Day one was crazy! After I was taken away I got my tag and took my stuff to my room. I met my companion, Sister Anderson, and we hit it off instantly. We sat in class allll day and my back was killing me. Seriously considering coming home. hah. I knew how right my choice was so I went to bed and...miracles, it was fine the next morning. I couldn't wait to put my name tag on and get back to work! We began teaching an investigator, John, and he is doing really well so far. Our Branch President came and gave us callings, Sis Anderson and I are the Sister Training leaders so it was our job to train the 6 new elders who came in last night. We each had an interview with him and As soon as I walked into the room he asked if I had a boyfriend....? so I was like "is it that obvious?" but he said he could just tell and he sat there while I bawled like a baby because I didn't know what was going on and the usual emotional stuff. He was so so kind and told me everything would work out and that Travis would be fine. I felt so good after that, and have ever since.
The next day we spent all day in class learning to tailor our lessons for different people's needs. On Saturday, we did a service project at 6:15 in the morning, and then had class all day. Sunday we had church with our district, all 8 of us haha. I played a special musical number for sacrament meeting which I completely butchered, but right in the middle of all those mess-ups I suddenly felt the spirit sweet over me and I knew the Lord would know I was trying my best. Speaking of our district, we we all soooo awkward at first, we didn't talk at all. On about Saturday we discovered that we were pretty much soul mates and have spent every second together since. We are all really good friends and because of the spiritual experiences we have shared we are really close. We are planning a special musical number for the BP on our last Sunday. On Sunday night we went to a fireside but the speaker announced that we were gonna watch a talk by Elder Bednar, the Character of Christ. It was amazing talk, but the most amazing part was that when the talk was over, Elder Bednar himself walked in! We had a 2-hour Q&A sesh with him and it was seriously the coolest thing ever. He was called of God, I know that.
On Monday morning we got to class but the elders in our district weren't there..? They were at the Health Center, because there was a slight case of bed snails or lice, or bugs, or they spent the rest of the day dry-cleaning poor guys. On Monday we started teaching Olivia. She in an investigator in Montana, so we taught her over Skype. The first lesson was HORRIBLE. She is athiest, and so it's kinda hard to teach a lesson about a church that is based on Christ when the person doesn't BELIEVE in God. WE have taught her every day since and as we have studied to meet her needs she has grown closer to Christ and has now accepted the invitation to be baptized! She is amazing. On Tuesday, us four girls (Jones, Ostraff, Anderson, and I) were able to sing in the choir for devotional. I might or might not have seen a certain Elder Hartley from across the room and he might have waved to me. It ain't no big thing. He looks so happy and like he's doing really well.
Yesterday, Sis A and I and the zone leaders trained the new missionaries and gave them a tour of campus. I might have seen Elder Hartley again, and shook his hand ;).
We leave Monday at 3:00 am, expect a call from SLC at 6 or from Atlanta at 12 or 1. WE land in Laguardia at 4 pm..
I love it here, I love the people I am with and the spirit that is here. I have learned more than I ever have in my life in one week, and I know now more than ever that this was the right decision and that I am supposed to be here. I have grown closer to Heavenly Father and have learned so much about his plan for me and all his children. I have been sick most of the time, I feel aneroxic (hah, if you know me that is not real) because I get so sick from the food. Every time I walk into the eating hall I want to throw up. So I basically eat bananas and Quest bars hah. But regardless of the opposition, I love it here and can't wait to bring more people to Christ!
Thanks for your letters and support, I can feel your prayers.
Love you always,
Sister Wadsworth

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