Monday, April 20, 2015

Rainbows after Rain

Haha it's raining soooo much right now. This has probably been the most up and down week ever. I guess a lot of stuff similar has happened since I've been here but I try not to write about the "hard" things, but I guess I feel the need to talk about discouragement because it isn't all fun and games all the time. Like it is most of the time, but not all of the time, just sayin. 

So Monday was basically Murica to the max. We went to Wall Street and took the Staten Island ferry past the Statue of Liberty, that was fun and we got lots of good pics. I fearlessed this 90-year-old man who gave me a physics lesson and talked to me about history for pretty much the whole ride...he wasn't about that gospel life though. Afterwards we went to the Brooklyn Bridge Park and played rugby. The highlight of that was probably me making mad yards only to get tackled by my comp and we both went sliding and were sore for days. It was def a bonding moment. The elders seemed to think it was pretty limping off the field. Haha jk but that park is sooo pretty. We got tons of great pictures. I also have a new hobby! People put random stickers over the back of all the signs and me and some of the elders have a competition to see who can get the coolest stickers. So we spend the whole trip getting some rad stickers and having a good time. That night we watched Meet the Mormons with some investigators and less-actives so it was a pretty fun day and they all liked the movie. 

Tuesday we spent some time cleaning up the 111 referrals from church Headquarters that have built up in the area over the past year. So yeah that was our Tuesday. If you've served a mission ha know what I'm talking about. That night we exchanged and I went to Coney Island with Sister Snow...I love her! We totes had a miracle, we went to see a lady they had been trying to see for like 6 weeks, she let us in and we taught the Restoration and she agreed to get baptized!! We also did service at Prospect Park and some other lookups so Wednesday was a full day. Thursday I went to the temple for my year-mark temple trip. It was such a good experience and I appreciate the temple so much more now that I can't go whenever I want (speaking of which, we are going 3 times this week to take less-active returning members so uh....haha). Yeah it was great. I hope ya'll go to the temple as much as you can. 

Friday we met an investigator for breakfast at Juniors Cheesecake, the most famous New York cheesecake place! We had eggs and bacon but my stomach couldn't handle it haha. I have had oatmeal for breakfast every single morning since I came out. We went from there to Zone Training Meeting (ZTM) I gave a workshop about fearlessing and I have pretty much concluded that we cannot share the gospel unless we feel the power of the atonement in our own lives. After that happens sharing the gospel is an instinctive part of who we are. We also had a great lesson with our LA family. We are trying to baptize them all so they can get sealed haha. We taught the 7 kids the Plan of Salvation and it is SO HARD to get them to sit still. I was so grateful for the visuals you made Ma, they helped soooo much. They were into it and answered questions! And we sent a baptismal date with the 10-year-old!! I love families so much.

Okay Saturday was like a millennium it was soooo long. We got up and started off by going to see a member who had surgery. We talked to her and her husband fed us some weird food. We headed to the church to have correlation over FaceTime but when we got there my com threw up all the weird stuff he had fed us and then correlation got cancelled and we kinda wanted to go home since she was practically dying. But we decided not to and went to see a 98-year-old woman in the hospital. We waited in the heat for like an hour and the bus finally came. Totes worth it cause we found some money on the ground haha. So we got there and saw her and then I started to get dizzy cause we all know how I am about hospitals. Anyways, so the lady who got baptized 2 weeks ago was supposed to get confirmed but she hadn't been texting us back #badnews. So we went to drop a note by her house but on the way there we seriously had 4 run-ins with drunk men on the street. Every time we would cross they would come over to the side we were on and say something. Like it wasn't the same group of men, it was 4 different incidents! You know it's bad when they're like "I don't mean to start any trouble but it's my birthday and I like white girls....." Hah go jump in a lake bro. I know the Lord protected us, we just looked ahead and didn't say anything. After the second time I pulled both things of pepper spray out and we walked armed and ready. Seriously you don't wanna tick us off cause we were ready to spray anyone who even looked at us by that point. So we took her the letter and did a few more lookups and actually found someone! Miracle. I appreciate Jewish neighborhoods so much now. Jewish men won't look at you, let alone talk to you, so we were in the clear. It was a beautiful spring evening and we had a great time walking home. 

We got home and our recently-baptized friend called and said she doesn't want to be confirmed. Like, pause. Here we are, listening to her tell us reasons why she doesn't need to be confirmed and she kinda doesn't need an organized religion. As a missionary, you feel like a complete failure because they are going back on everything you thought you taught them! We were both bawling our eyes out by the time she hung up. The elders came and gave us blessings and we bawled some more, sorry I'm not hot when I cry like on the movies. I was sobbing like a little girl and probs looked scary. Our elders are seriously always there for us. Well, we decided to fast and then we went to bed cause we were both sooooo done. We woke up the next morning comforted, confident, and trusting that the right thing would happen. She didn't come to church and I was trying not to tear up the whole time. The chorister didn't come so they started playing the opening hymn and I hurried and ran up there to lead haha. By the end of church we both felt better and decided we were going to revamp our pool. The Lord seriously showered more blessings on us than water when it rained today! We were able to meet with a lady who we have been trying to contact all transfer, we taught her the restoration and set a baptismal date! She is so happy. We met a family and they said they'd come to church next week, and we taught a less-active who has never let us a teach her a lesson before!! We were overwhelmed with everything and by the time we got home were completely depleted from not eating all day and from all the spiritual experience we had! I was reading in Genesis this past week about Noah and I couldn't help but think that after every storm there is a rainbow. 

Whew! It was cray cray. So for studies this week I have noticed a lot of I guess "temporal" things about Christ's character. He never wasted anything. He didn't waste the loaves or fishes, he didn't waste His time, and he never used more of God's power than He needed. He "always did those things which pleased His Father." When he raised Lazarus from the dead he could have swooped the tomb door open and made the burial clothes come off but those things can be done by regular men, so he asked them to be done by regular men. He only used His power for what was needed. It made me think of our iPads and technology in general, if we use it unwisely, we lose power over the adversary, but when we are in control of our tools we can use them to further God's work. I love being in this mission because I feel that it is preparing me to meet the challenges of life after I return home. I am grateful for the Holy Ghost. Half the reason I was bawling when we were on the phone with our person is because I know how much the Holy Ghost has blessed my life and I couldn't understand why she would say "no" to it! God is in control, and He has a purpose and plan behind everything that happens to us. 
I love you all, thanks for your support and love!
Sister Wadsworth

1. Uh my new hobby...goin for the stickers. PS being tall here is good for 3 things: sticker hunting, running from creepers, and catching busses. 
2. In front of the city with the favs!
3. Temple Trip.

4. The tree behind us was blossoming but I guess you can't really tell in the pic. 

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