Monday, February 9, 2015

Miracles Are On Point This Week!

Yesss. This was such a great week! Basically,
Monday:drove people's stuff around
Tuesday: drove people's stuff around
Wednesday: drove people's stuff around
Thursday: meetings
Friday: lessons
Saturday: service 
Sunday: church

Monday was awesome though. Sis Cox and Seely came to Rego and we hung out all day and did our grocery shopping together with the sisters in our district and the STLs. I love the sisters we serve with, they are all so great. Probably the most epic moment was when we were at H&M and my comp grabs this ultra mini skirt to buy. I was Iike dude, probs not mish appropro. She held it up and it went past her knees...I am not gonna lie I was pretty much speechless. That thing wouldn't have covered my caboose if I'd have put it on, but it fits her! Haha. Tuesday was transfers! Which for us means the endless day of driving and hauling around other people's luggage haha. I wouldn't wanna carry 4 huge bags on a subway either so I don't blame them for asking and I can't say no. 6 of 8 elders left our zone so there were a lot of adjustments. Our new district is so cool! It's gonna be an awesome transfer cause everyone is super pumped and President put some missionaries back who already know the people and the area, so they can help us be more effective. So yeah, Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday: solid road trip days. Oh and one of our (whom we thought) super cool investigators turns out to be brainwashed and thinks we're demons so that's fun. The weird thing is he still texts us "goodnight Hun" every night which is slightly disturbing so we might be a droppin him before long. Most of the miracles have been happening with our recent converts and less-actives. 

The Asian girl who was baptized a few weeks ago found her roommate reading the Book of Mormon a few days ago so she started taking to her about it and she invited her to church! Her roommate said she has been reading the book for a while now, and had been praying that God would send someone to take her to church because she was scared to go alone. Who knew that person would be living with her! Jackpot #2, she is Mongolian! Convenient since my comp is a fanatic about anyone from her motherland, so this is a straight up miracle! She came to church Sunday and loved it.

Thursday we had a lesson in the library with John, we had HIM teach US the plan of salvation, and he did awesome! I love new members, they are seriously incredible. I think the way to keep that fire is to always be seeking more knowledge. We can never study the gospel too much.

Saturday was an epic fail, but it was hysterical! I haven't laughed that hard in a while. The morning was fine, we took JeongAh out to breakfast (at McDonalds...we are pretty high rollers over here) and then we took some pictures. That was good. Well we went home and did our other 3 hours of studies and then did some lookups, none of which were home. We picked up the other sisters and made dinner for them. Cockroaches:1. Sis Wads:0. We decided instead of doing lookups for the rest of that night that we would go "heart attack" some doors. Train wreck! So we go to the first house, we parked a ways away and tiptoed up to the door. Right as we got there it started to open! So we slid over the ice and hid behind a car. Their neighbor was outside and seriously giving us the weirdest looks. So the members left and we went to do the deed. The neighbor comes up all confrontational like and asked what we were doing. We assured him we weren't a threat. Fail #1 was over. Oh except I fell on the ice on the way back to the it's over. Fail #2, we go to a ritzier part of town and couldn't find a place to park so we sent the other sisters in. They didn't get far because the doorman wouldn't let them in without being "buzzed in" and obviously you can't ring their bell cause then it wouldn't be a surprise! Well last try (fail #3) we go to the bishop's house. They live in an apartment building and the outside door was locked. Well usually no one ever answers so I rang all the bells but their's. Someone buzzed us in and we walked into the building. Like 4 people were standing outside their doors to greet us, because we had rung their bells. So awk. No wait, that's not the fail yet. Hold your horses. So we go up to the third floor and tried to guess which one they lived in cause there were 3 doors. Well as we're standing there the bishop and his kids start coming up the stairs! We booked it up the remainder of the stairs, but we were at the top floor and only one flight up from their door...we are seriously rolling with laughter cause it's so awkward, and here comes bishop in his PJs with his laundry. He sees us and just gives us the strangest look cause we are at the top of the stairs laughing. So we tell him what we were (trying) to do and he said we could do it to their front door (turns out 2 of the 4 doors led into their house) so we go over and are trying to be quick but one of his kids opens the door so we scattered and he walks down the hall and around the corner so he can see our faces and is all: "I caught you!" We were seriously dying. We finally finished, knocked, and ran down the stairs. We sounded like Grandpa White's horses running out of the barn after they've been unsaddled. Sooo loud. Probs the last time we'll do that for a while, this "heart attack" business is too much trouble with doorman, parking, and little kids.

Sunday was great, as always! I seriously never wanna be transferred. We went and saw some members and they gave us balute (not sure of the spelling) they are from the Philippians and it's basically the fertilized & fermented duck egg. Sooo nasty. Big Dude I hope you're proud. Then Al (the brother) showed us some videos from his mission in Utah and they were hysterical!! The things elders come up with when they're supposed to be weekly planning. 

I just realized that my letters are like my lessons, a whole lot of nothing that ends with a spiritual thought. Great. Haha okay not really but on a more spiritual note, I was studying the Fall of Adam and Eve and I think it's interesting how we think that was such a huge deal for them to partake of the fruit and be cast out of the garden, but how often do we make a bad decision that takes us farther from Gods presence and not think twice about it? As President Monson would say, decisions determine destiny. That illiteration though. Then this girl got up in Relief Society and did the mathematical equation for infinity and after she went through that whole thing she was like: "that's a long time...right? I guess we better make good decisions while we're here!" She's so right. This life is too short to waste it on instant gratification only to find out that we lost the REAL prize, eternal life with a loving Heavenly Father. Something I'm gonna work on is making better smaller, more everyday decisions, because I know that "out of small things proceedeth that which is great." Hope y'all will think about doing that too!

Love you tons!
Sister Wadsworth 

1. Wow don't I just make taking pictures in ice look fun? Kill me.
2. Me and my comp! (Notice she is standing on her toes lol)
3. Made dinner and crepes for the other sisters...besties!

4. Ah I love these ladies! #YSAforLife 

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